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Famous wearables of 2017 - What are they actually worth?

Posted by Rachel Stinson on

Everything in innovation is transforming into keen contraptions, and wearable technical devices are the most important and are rocking the world in 2017. These smart advances can do anything by reading the clock to warn you of potential harm, and they are the hot things in the world of technology.

In such case, that does not mean that they are all high quality. Despite the fact that there are many wearable devices available, large parts of them are misleading and unjustified, regardless of the price. Let's consider the wearables that customers, retailers and bloggers most talked about.

1. Apple Watch

Apple fans have managed to hold their breath, and finally the Apple Smart Watch is here. This very attractive wearable is basically an iPhone on your wrist and is for sure the most well-known wearable!


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Excellent with the iPhone 5 and above
  • Makes and receives calls
  • Amazing apps with news, messages, entertainment, and most other things for iPhones
  • Wellness features include steps, calories smoldered, and heart rate


  • There is no change in the ability for instant messages
  • Doesn’t track the rest
  • Extreme cost that continues to rise from $349 to basic model and $17,000 for the high gold
  • Non-GPS for wellness
  • Not perfect with different phones

2. Fitbit Surge –

With its look and precision, you cannot beat the Fitbit brand. Recently, the organization has discharged their current model, the Fitbit Surge, completed with extensive wellness tracking, GPS tracker, guest ID, and music control all in one device.


  • Snappy look with a mixture of band hues
  • Simple LCD showing progress
  • Track steps, rest, stairs, fuel-burning calories, heart rate, and that’s the only tip of the iceberg and is a standout among the most solid wellness trackers available
  • Flexible and allows you to track up to seven exercises
  • Connect your phone with caller ID and various capacities
  • GPS chipset is on
  • Improves Android, iOS, and Windows Phones


  • A solid band that is clunkier than the conventional Fitbit styles
  • Not all inclusive chargers
  • One of the most expensive devices at $249 each
  • Battery life is OK, but in a case of checking various exercises, it won’t last more than five hours
  • There are no social network associations

3. Skully AR-1

Savvy watches are one of the top wearables rocking the world in 2017. Savvy watches are not the main kind of desired wearable innovations that develop in recent years. There is also a shiny new cruiser protective cap available like the one in Iron Man. The Skully AR1 motorcycle protective cap possesses the best component of Google Glass, video recording glasses and puts them on a cap that is furnished with a heads-up showcase, rearview camera, hidden camera clock and GPS track. They also have voice control for your music and phone. This device is already available, and you can order it now.


  • Hand-held technology
  • A simpler route with 180 degrees of rear-view camera and GPS
  • Connects to mobile phones
  • Very beautiful
  • Sun-shaded Screen at the press of a catch


  • Highly expensive at $1,500 per pop
  • Heavier than a typical protective cap
  • Not adjustable
  • Has significant measure of crimps to work out

4. Rock Steel

This setting of the Pebble line keen watches has been discharged, and the components are greatly corrective and tech updated. The Pebble Steel includes a comprehensive presentation and a snappy setup.


  • Perfect for iPhones and Android phones
  • An expanded and easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Waterproof and swim/shower well disposed
  • Provides wellness following step tallying
  • A great mixed bag of applications accessible
  • Provides necessary warnings without hardly lifting a finger
  • Better time-telling capacities than most


  • Maturity technology that does not exactly coordinate the opposition
  • Insufficient capacity with only eight apertures to launch apps
  • No heart-rate screen or other propelled wellness following
  • There is no touchscreen, receiver or speaker
  • Bad battery life

5. Samsung Gear VR –

The new Samsung Gear VR snares you to your own universe of portable reproduction. This goggle-like headset lets you connect your phone and enjoy movies, music, shocking landscape, recreations and much more from wherever you are. It is perfect with the Samsung Note 4, but there is a VR Innovator Edition that works with the Galaxy S6.


  • Moderately reasonable for virtual reality
  • Incredible feeling of immersed into a virtual world
  • Free applications
  • Pack comes with a headset, 16GB memory card, and a zippered conveying case
  • Great stride forward for the virtual reality industry


  • Only perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones
  • Applications are restricted and lacking, comprising predominantly of semi-features and little amusements
  • Top comfort outweighs fairly unaesthetic outlines.


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