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The Wonders of Companion Robots: Our Future “Friends”

Posted by Alexander Patterson Jr on

It is natural for humans to form relationships to survive in the society, but the interesting thing, which 2018 has brought up to us, is to be “friends” with the robots in coming future. Do not get surprised. I am not creeping you out when I say that you may have “relationship” with “robots.” It has happened actually. Such robots have been made who might be your companion in your old age. Companion robots are the beginning of a new form of relationships between humans and robots that humanity is going to experience soon. Now besides dogs and cats, probably robots could be your best pet “buddy.”

Companion Robots Are Expanding Their Role in the Smart Home

Robots are our future: they could serve in nursing homes alongside human staff. They will be able to serve meals, give medications, play games, etc. They may provide companionship to an old soul by reading stories. Robots could provide us entertainment and friendship which is a deeply rooted human need. They might take care of our health in our homes, make audio/video calls for us or help us in lending a hand in an emergency.

1) The Cute Little “Kuri”: One such machine is “Kuri” that has been developed by Mayfield Robotics in Silicon Valley. It is a cute little companion robot which can recognize faces, responds to voices and makes videos of important events at your house. It may come as a surprise to your ears that when you rub its head with affection, it returns the affection by seeing you through its cute “peepers” with a hell of love. But at the end, it’s a machine. It gets frustrated at times when Kuri does not respond to the commands and emotions.


2) First Sleep Robot “Somnox”: Somnox is the world’s first sleep companion robot that regulates your sleep. It helps us fall and stay asleep effortlessly. It is a sleep companion that stimulates sleep. It tickles the senses during sleep to relax body and mind to have a calm sleep.


3) Meet “Sophia”: Sophia is a citizen and intelligent humanoid robot which is in her learning phase to walk. It is a complete human alike robot which can show 60 different facial expressions, recognize faces, and make an eye connection and much more. Isn’t it interesting that robots can even show concern through facial expressions?


Emotional Connect Between Robots and Human:

Despite all the facts, robots still will be having less interactive and social abilities than real friends, be it pet or human, of course. But what if science would be able to develop robots with emotions? It will be traumatic to lose a pet robot in that case due to the “emotional connect” that can be developed between a human and its pet robot.

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