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Tips on How to Make Your Pool Summer Ready

Posted by Danny Kingori : on

Summer is around the corner, and you intend to enjoy every moment without missing some outdoor fun in your swimming pool. However, the swimming pool needs real proper preparation after a long time break during winter.

Below are some tips on how to prepare your pool for summer.

Have all the pool cleaning equipment you may need:

● Water Test Kit

Helps you gauge the water quality in the pool hence you can know how much work and chemicals are needed in your pool.

● Pool opening chemicals

They are used to balance the pool waters to prevent corrosion and stains and also keep algaecides and chlorine working at peak power.

● Pool brush

Used to keep the swimming pool clean

● Skimmer

Used to fish out all the bugs, leaves, litter on the surface of the water.

● Pool Vacuum

Used to suction dirt at the bottom of the pool

● Telescopic pole

While connected to a Hayward pool vac ultra or a Solar Breeze NX2 using a hose, it reaches the pools deep ends and all other hard to reach places in the pool to provide a faultless clean.

Don't drain your pool

Some pools sit on the high water table, meaning the pool is held by the weight of the water, therefore, draining the pool will cause the pool to lift out of the ground like a boat. If this happens, it will cost you a complete replacement.

If the pool is extremely dirty, you can start cleaning it the usual way, cleaning all filters and vacuuming the debris at the bottom daily until the water clears.

Perform safety and damage checks

Inspect, clean the pool using the best cleaners such as the Dolphin Nautilus with clever clean, and service accessories like the pump, filter, and heater to avoid last minute disappointment. It has been a while without using them, and so proper functioning should be checked and tested.

Slides, diving boards, tiles can get loose, and also they don't last forever. As summer sets in and a lot of activities expected in the pool, it's essential to check on any faulty or worn out pool assembles so that they can be repaired or replaced.

Also, ensure the surfaces surrounding the pool are non-slip to avoid skidding and falling.

A friendly outdoor picnic on your backyard can turn out to an ugly unending court battle after a nasty accident. Such negligence can be dealt with at such a moment.

Take your water for testing to balance your chemicals

After you have used a top-quality pool cleaner like the Hayward SharkVac XL with Caddy, scoop some water to be taken for mineral content testing by a pro. They will also give you pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels.

Based on the findings from the pooled analysis they will advise you on what to add to balance the chemical levels which should read as follows after balancing;

●PH Levels between 7.2 to 7.4

●Total alkalinity from 80 to 120

●Calcium hardness from 150 ppm to 250 ppm (parts per million)

Such balancing is not simple, and the services of a profession may be necessary.

Shock your pool

This is probably the first step to be taken to solve the algae infested cloudy water.

The buildup of algae, sweat, and oils produces ammonia which mixes with chlorine in your pool forming chloramines — shocking your pool simply means, mixing enough chlorine with other chemicals to destroy the buildup of chloramines. This is a super-powered dose of sanitizer also known as super chlorination.

Most pool water shocking is preferably done during the night. Why after the sun has gone down, you may ask. This is because the heat of the sun is likely to burn off unstabilized chlorine, so for super effective results shocking is done at night.

Closing Thoughts

Having prepared your pool in advance, all you need to do is keep the environment tidy and routinely skim the water surface as you wait for the sun to roll out and have some fun in your pool.

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