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The Perfect Connected Devices for your Pets

Posted by Henry Ross on

Having a pet is fun; it’s like having your little friend who just wants to play and have fun with you. However, it’s not an easy job at all. You need to monitor their whereabouts at all times making sure they aren’t causing any mischief, and you have to feed them many times a day.

It’s hard work. Thankfully, technology has come a long way, and today, it is almost a must to buy a connector device for your pet. If you don’t know what animal technology the market has on offer, you have come to the right place.

Training Collars

1. The Dogtra IQ-Plus Remote Dog Training Collar is a small 2lbs device that goes around your dog’s neck. It aims to gently help you train your dog for obedience and behavior management. It’s low to medium output ensures that your four-legged friend is not hurt in any way.

Furthermore, the remote control can work from about 400 yards out while the device is waterproof too. It comes with a variety of vibrations, making this one of the best devices in the market!

2. The Dogtra ARC Remote Trainer is another device similar to the one above. It has a beautiful shape and can be gripped very easily. It is twice as heavy as the previous collar but has a ¾ mile range, allowing freedom to your dog. This device comes with a two-year warranty.

Pet-Remote Monitor

The PetChatz HD Remote Monitor is a new way of your communication between your pet and yourself. It is a video monitor whereby you and your pet can call each other. But wait, it gets better. You can even treat your pet with this device even when you are not home. It comes with an HD camera and LCD screen and is designed to be pet safe.

Dog and Fitness Tracker

The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar is a leather collar that comes in many sizes for your dog. It uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS to track your dog’s location to ensure its safety. It comes with a daily activity monitor and recommends on you on the dog’s training. It comes with a temperature sensor and an alert and sound system. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and costs $149.


The FroliCat Bolt Laser Pet Toy makes life easy for you and entertaining for your cat. Its basic function is to point zigzag lasers on the floor, which the cats find entertaining and this will keep them busy for a long time. The owner can easily carry out his or her chores meanwhile the pet plays on its own.

For safety purposes, it would be wise to not keep any fragile items such as pots in the play area. This device may also be used for dogs if they find it entertaining. At just $18, this device could get you a lot of free time of much more value.

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