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The Top 4 Tech Devices to Work from Home

Posted by Amanda Peterson, Enlightened Digital on

Working remotely is one of the greatest luxuries offered in the workplace today. There’s no need to commute, you can work in your sweatpants and don’t even need to leave the couch— but working from home does have a few drawbacks.

Unlike an office, your home probably isn’t equipped to function as well as a traditional workspace. When decorating our homes, we’re focused on comfort over function, which isn’t always beneficial for the remote employee. Our houses are full of distractions, so many find it difficult to work productively and stay focused throughout the day.

Here are four of our favorite devices to make your home the best at home workspace possible.

1. Zendure Q3 Wireless Charging Pad

For the at-home worker, mobile devices are as necessary as water to fish. Whether you are taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, or sending emails, smartphones are a crucial element to staying connected. All that time spent on our smartphones however, can drain the battery pretty quickly. The Zendure Q3 Wireless Charging Pad is convenient to leave on your desk and, because it’s wireless, will eliminate unnecessary clutter at your workstation. If you alternate between laptop and phone, be sure to set your phone on the pad to make sure it’s fully charged all day long.

Zendure Q3 Wireless Charging Pad

2. EcoFlow RIVER Mobile Power Station

The EcoFlow RIVER Mobile Power Station is definitely an investment item, but it is essential for anyone who likes to switch up their workspace. From outdoor work to on-the-road, this tool ensures that your devices will always be connected. Studies have shown that productivity increases by 15 percent when we work alongside natural elements. If you’re looking to spend some time off the grid, RIVER can even be charged with solar panels. Taking your desk outside can be a great way to freshen up your scenery and revamp the work week.

EcoFlow River Mobile Power Station

3. LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock

Keeping a clock on your desk is nothing revolutionary, but the LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock adds several useful features for the digitally-connected worker. Not only does it display the time, a useful tool in itself when entrenched in work, but it also reports the weather, calendar events, social media notifications and news reports. Setting the clock in your workspace makes sure you’re in the know throughout the day, no matter how many items are on your to-do list.

LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock

4. Mangoslab Inkless Sticky-Note Printer

If you live a busy lifestyle, it’s likely that you leave small reminders and notes on your desk throughout the day. The Mangoslab Inkless Sticky-Note Printer brings organization to a whole new level by printing notes or photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. Equipped with Bluetooth, the printer pairs with an app on your mobile device and allows to you jot down memos or figures without ever needing to pick up a pen. You can quickly share the note with friends or colleagues and stick it anywhere in your work area or notebook. It’s a simple solution for important details you don’t want to forget.

Mangoslab Inkless Sticky-Note Printer

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