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Wellbots’ Insights from the CES: Our 12 #wantedonwellbots smart devices

Posted by Lea Philippot on

The Wellbots team came back from the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the largest tech event in the world, with stars in their eyes. We wanted to share with you a glimpse of the next connected devices that would make your life smarter, easier and even somehow happier. Here are 12 #wantedonwellbots products we had a particular crush on:

1. IROBOT Terra New Generation Of Autonomous Lawnmower

Our partner IROBOT , creator of Roomba robot vacuum and Braava robot mops launched the first new-generation of autonomous lawnmower: the Terra. No need to lay down wire to define boundaries anymore, Terra introduces its cutting-edge navigation technology which only requires wireless beacons to be placed around the perimeter of a lawn, offering you a frictionless experience. Let it run by itself in your garden, it offers you an incredible amount of time to spend with your family, on this perfectly mowed grass!

2. Coway Health-Monitoring Smart Bidetmega 200

Our partner Coway, with its impressive track record of in home-health innovations, is expanding its US Product Offering with two new smart appliances. The first one is the Coway Smart Bidet Bidetmega 200 which monitors your health by analyzing chemicals levels in the urine. It also measures its own sanitation level. Available in Spring 2019, it is surely the best smart toilet at CES 2019.

3. Coway New Water Filter Aquamega 200C

The Coway Aquamega 200C, available in early 2019, provides clean, purified water without the waste and cost of plastic water bottles. Its state-of-the-art CIROO 2.0 filter system was awarded the CES 2019 Innovation Award in the home appliances category. This WQA-certified water filter technology ensure clean water even for the worst water quality conditions: its double filtration process uses a powerful carbon block. You can use the IoCare app to easily check filter lifetime and water intake capacity.

4. ECOVACS Deebot OZMO 960 New Floor Cleaning Robot

Our partner ECOVACS presented its latest upgraded floor cleaning robot, the Deebot OZMO 960 at CES 2019. New features include the company's all-new Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation (AIVI) technology. You won’t have to clean up so your robot can clean anymore thanks to its AI-enhanced ability to identify objects on the floor and navigate around them! The DEEBOT OZMO 960 can survey the landscape and avoid obstacles such as your orphan socks. Ecovacs has not released a price yet but the DEEBOT OZMO 960 will arrive in the second half of 2019. We are ready for it at Wellbots!

5. ECOVACS ATMOBOT New Air Purifying Robot

ECOVACS also unveiled its new air purifying robot at CES 2019: the ATMOBOT. The same ECOVACS’ proprietary tech allows the ATMOBOT to create a virtual map of your home and design a unique air purification path, moving onto the next room on its own.

The four layers of HEPA filter placed on both sides of the ATMOBOT and its three levels of fan power makes it one of the most powerful air purifying robot of the market.

6. LaMetric Sky Smart Mosaic Light Panels

Our partner LaMetric dazzled CES 2019 with its LaMetric Sky! It is made of smart and connected LED lights. Once they’re in place, users can download LaMetric’s dedicated app or use theirs digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, to display different color configurations. Lights can even change depending on how many Instagram subscribers or Youtube viewers you have! You can also design you own DIY artsy personal unique sky with the LaMetric app!

7. Square Off Smart Chessboard by InfiVention Technologies

Avada Kedavra is the new Checkmate! We are Harry Potter fans at Wellbots and the Square Off smart chessboard by InfiVention Technologies is an AI-powered magic one! You can play against the AI and its 20 difficulty levels or against players around the world. The chessboard moves the pieces by itself allowing you to play remotely through the app or online. Wanna play a game with your friend across the globe?

8. LOVOT Robot Friend by Groove X

Groove X's adorable Lovot is our best robot friend. The Japanese company explores new relationships between human beings and robots. This Artificial-Intelligence equipped companion robot can sense your emotions thanks to facial recognition. His main goal is to make you happy and cheer you up while learning to better understand your feelings. Pre-orders are opened on Lovot’s official website.

9. IGLOOHOME Smart Lock and Keybox

The Igloohome Smart Lock and Smart Keybox are one of our best discoveries at CES 2019! We love the new time-sensitive PIN codes and bluetooth keys that give you 100% full control on your home access. You can choose to unlock your door via Bluetooth key on your smartphone, via PIN code or even via a physical key. Allow access remotely to your home for your family, your friends or your cleaning lady and know who is at your door at any moment.

10. Sleepace NOX Music Smart Sleep Light

Sleepace presented Nox Music at CES2019 and we are crazy about it! Nox Music is a smart sleep light designed to monitor, track and improve sleep quality. It offers the best way to end insomnia and fall asleep easily with soothing light and sound programs, adapted to your own unique body clock. Nox Music’s light technology produces red wavelengths, helping you to fall asleep by raising the secretion of melatonin.

11. Navatics MITO Underwater Drone

Navatics Mito is the most Stable 4K Underwater Drone on the market! Its professional-grade stabilization technology and adjustable 45 degrees tilt lock function enables you to take great steady shots. It’s ready for pre-orders on Kickstarter and we want it on Wellbots ASAP!

12. PETATO Footlose Smart Litter Box

Our cat lovers team discovered Petato Footlose at CES 2019: pre-orders are opened on Kickstarter! This high-tech litter box is the most promising way for your kitty to take a dump!

Check out!

We have great innovative smart devices for your home, your pets or just for fun.

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