BRYDGE 12.9 PRO Keypad for iPad Pro 2018

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BRYDGE PRO 12.9 Smart Keyboard

The new Brydge iPad Pro keyboards are designed to create the ultimate iPad experience, blurring the lines between MacBook and iPad like never seen before.

This smart keyboard is perfect if you would like to use your iPad as your primary device, for work or to watch movies at home for instance. The Brydge smart keyboard is lightweight, responsive and beautiful and will transform the way you use your iPad: no restrictions and limitless viewing.

TWO COLORS to match your iPad Pro

Enjoy its beautiful design to match in quality and color your iPad Pro.





Amazing Features for the Smartest Ipad Keyboard:

- Limitless Viewing: Enjoy the Laptop, Tablet and Movie modes for an unlimited experience, at anytime. Fold the iPad back onto the keyboard to take notes or read. Flip the iPad around to watch your TV show.

- Precision Engineered: The Brydge Smart Keyboards blur the lines between a MacBook and iPad. Enjoy a flawless integration of size, texture and color for the ultimate capability.

- Dual Connectivity: You can connect very easily via the best Bluetooth connection available on the market, the Bluetooth 4.1. Always enjoy a lag-free experience, charge your keyboard via USB-C.