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Amaryllo Ares Pro Outdoor Security Camera With Face Recognition

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  • Amaryllo Ares Pro Outdoor Security Camera With Face Recognition

    Know what's happening on your property with the Amaryllo Ares Pro Security Camera. This revolutionary home surveillance system uses modern technology to protect your home from unwanted guests, thieves and even fire. Amaryllo uses biometric technology to distinguish between vehicles, pets and humans. The very fast facial recognition recognizes family members in seconds and Ares Pro will only alarm you when an unrecognized person enters your property. This considerably reduces the number of false alarms.

    Amaryllo Ares is an outdoor security camera that uses biometrics to protect your property. The security camera can differentiate between humans, pets and vehicles

    Use Biometric Data to Detect Security Vulnerabilities

    Amaryllo Ares Pro uses biometric data to show you vulnerabilities of your security system. The 360° auto-tracking feature of the camera will track every step of a thief on your property. Using Artificial Intelligence the camera will then provide you with path tracking to show you the path of a thief. Ares Pro will also show you the last 10 spots on your property where it has detected human activity. Use this data to understand vulnerabilities of your home security.

    Amaryllo Ares is an outdoor security camera with face recognition. It will recognize thieves in seconds a provide you with a path tracking on your property.
    Ares Pro's biometric detection feature also provides you with a heat map of frequented areas on your property. The camera detects spots that are most frequented by family members and areas that are less frequented. The camera will then build a heat map of your property. The heat map will show you the areas of your property that are easy to attack.

    Amaryllo Ares is a security camera with face recognition. Over time, it will build a heat map of the most frequented areas on your property. This allows you to detect vulnerabilities in your home security

    Revolutionary Fire Alert Warning

    Stay safe with Amaryllos' revolutionary Fire Alert Warning System. The security camera uses a special cloud intelligence technology to detect fire hazards on your property. By analyzing real time pictures of your property Ares Pro detects changes on your premises. If the camera detects a fire, it will let you know immediately by sending you a push notification to your phone. From the Amaryllo app you can then immediately call emergency services.

    Amaryllo Ares is an outdoor security camera that detects thieves and fire hazards on your property. It will notify you immediately if it detects a fire.

    Amaryllo Ares Pro Highlights

    Pet Detection - Check on your pets wherever you are. The special pet detection feature of the Amaryllo Ares security camera allows you to see your pets and stay informed on what they are doing. You can spot your pets fromup to 20 feat away.

    IP66 Weather Resistant - Use Amaryllo Ares Pro anywhere. The outdoor security camera is built with high-quality industrial grade Material. The camera is certified IP66 weather resistant and can withstand temperatures from -40° to 140°F.

    360° Auto Tracking - Ares Pro provides a 360° view of your property. Thanks to this special feature Ares Pro secures more areas than static security cameras. Cut down on false alarms by setting Activity Zones. This reduces the number of alarms caused by background movement.

    • Amaryllo Ares Pro Outdoor Security Camera
    • Ceiling Mount and Screws
    • Power Adapter
    • User Manual
  • Dimension:
    6.3” x 5.1" x 4.3"

    31.75 oz

    1080p HD, Live View, Night Vision

    Motion Detection:
    Yes (detects Faces, Motion, Audio)

    Human Detection:

    Field of View:
    108° (Diagonal)

    Digital Zoom:

    Real-Time Two-Way Communication; Greetings Function


    Setup Requirements:
    Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connection @ 2.4 GHz

    Operating Conditions:
    -40°C ~ 60°C

    Mobile OS Requirements:
    iOS: 9.0 and up / Android 4.1 and up

    1 Year Part Warranty