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Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station

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  • Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station

    A device designed to delight outdoor enthusiasts, Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station roars power all the way. From your tiny smartphones, tablets and laptops to a sizeable mini-fridge, TVs this mean machine keeps your entire entertainment genre charged and ready.

    Power-packed to satisfy every charging demand of devices this portable power station is your perfect outdoor companion. Do not let the light-weight fool you as this efficient portable power bank is extremely mobile and sturdy to withstand the rough outdoor environs from camping sites to road trips. Designed to source power to pretty much any AC or USB-compatible device, it is very easy to handle and comes with a 120-volt outlet aptly suiting all your devices. A whopping 292-Watt hour energy storage ensures you stay warm in all weather condition unmindful of power cuts during a cold wave or dying out solar panels in extreme climate. This product comes with a lithium-ion portable power that is eco-friendly leaving a very little carbon footprint on your camping trips.


    No more worries about blackout or extreme weather conditions as Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station is here to magically wipe away all your power needs. This smart power can charge your laptop up to 4 times, mobile phones up to 17 times, tablets up to 14 times, an average mini-fridge for 3.4 hours, a 32” TV for 3.4 hours and a CPAP for up to 4 hours. So chill out with all your gadgets at all times.


    Designed to handle the tough terrains of the outdoors, the power station is ideal for regular campers, weekend road-trips and those modern-day nomads living off a van. No matter how far you go off the grid, Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station backs you up with a full charge for an adventurous yet safe outing.


    This portable power station typically takes 8 hours to fully charge and 10 hours with a Solar panel. The shelf life of this charge is three to six months, a very long time for outdoor enthusiasts. It tops your must-own list as it is light-weight, easy-to-carry, sturdy and looks cool in color Red with an LED display.


    The one fact that’s most fascinating about this portable power station is the Honda partnership. A name that rings the bell of utmost quality means Jackery Explorer exceeds expectations in power station circuits and this authentication from Honda solidifies the quality.

    You can buy the Jackery SolarSaga 90W Solar Panel here


    The lithium-ion battery power is best fitted for the portable power station as it is eco-friendly and helps you leave very little carbon footprint during your outdoor adventures.  


  • o 1 x Lithium-Ion Battery
    o 1 x AV power adapter with 12V option
    o 1 x Jackery Explorer 290

  • Warranty:
    2 years


    Wall Charge:
    8 hours

    Shelf Life:
    6 months

    Op Temp:
    0 – 40C

    Input Port:
    12V~30V 42W Max

    DC Output Port (Car):
    12V 10A

    USB Output:
    2* 5V 2.4A

    AC Output:
    110V 60Hz 200W, 400W Max