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Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

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  • Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

    The Jackery Explorer collection, with its circular corners and glossy plastic finish, is a reliable & durable power solution. The orange and black case has rubber padding on the rim giving you good grip and portability while carrying it around. 

    On its front side, each power station feature is segmented, with a differentiation made for inputs, AC/DC outlets, and show of status. A backlit LCD displays data such as the available charging ratio as well as input/output voltage. 

    Best-in class Cooling Mechanism

    One of the most powerful portable power stations around in the market, it is no mean task to supply 1kW of energy. Thanks to its integrated fan that acts up whenever a reasonable AC load is present, the Explorer 1000 model is well cooled. Air vents situated on both sides of the case assist the inner rechargeable batteries and inverter circuitry in cooling even further. 

    Built-in LCD

    By displaying how so much energy is left in the rechargeable batteries while also providing data about battery packs, the LCD helps a lot. 

    Fast recharging

    Faster solar recharging rates are provided by trademark MPPT technology. By combining multiple SolarSaga 100W solar panels along with a connector cable, the Explorer 1000 can rapidly be powered up within eight hours. The estimated battery charging time is 17 hours if only a single panel is connected.

    Multiple ports

    The Explorer 1000 provides two USB-C, two USB, and one car battery carport as DC output possibilities. You click a physical button to switch on Dc voltage. Next to the button, a light source signifies that the DC ports are live.

    There are also three grounded AC sources in the Explorer 1000, which is extraordinary accessibility and raises the unit to an entirely different device category than even high-end DC-only energy bricks. You press a physical button to activate AC power, and a flicker implies that the AC outlets are active. You can use AC and DC simultaneously.
    You can buy the Jackery SolarSaga 90W Solar Panel here

    • 1 x Jackery Explorer 1000
    • 1 x Car Charger Cable
    • 2 x AC & AC Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable
  • Capacity:

    1002Wh (21.6V, 46.4Ah)

    Cell Chemistry:

    Li-ion NMC


    ≥500 cycles to 80%

    Management System:

    BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection

    AC Output:

    110VAC, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Surge)

    USB-A Output:

    5V, 2.4A

    Quick Charge 3.0 Output:

    5-6.5V, 3A / 6.5-9V, 3A / 9-12V, 1.5A

    USB-C Output:

    5V, 9V, 12V up to 3A

     Car Output:

    12V, 10A

     DC Input:

    12V-30V (163W Max)


    22.04 lbs (10 kg)

    Dimensions (LxWxD):

    13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in (33.3 x 23.3 x 28.3 cm)

    Operating Usage Temperature:

    14-104F (-10-40)


    FCC, ROHS, UN38.3


    24 Months


    FCC, ROHS, UN38.3 


    24 Months

    Special Features:

    LED Screen, Solar Power Charging, Flashlight, AC & DC Simultaneously