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Onyx CTY2 Electric Motorbike

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ONYX is back with a new motorbike: the CTY2! With new styling and some serious performance upgrades, it is even better looking and better performing than before. Excellent to ride around in your city without being hassled by the bulkiness in contrast to other city bikes. 


The name of the game is traction and what better way to increase traction than reducing the center of gravity? That is exactly what ONYX has done with this CTY2. Lower center of gravity enables you to stick to the road - making city streets your playground. Get 60+ miles of range at 20MPH.



The CTY2 is compact which means now you can go through even the narrowest of streets or navigate between oddly parked traffic with ease. Climbing a hill? Not a problem. The CTY2 can climb up to 45 degrees which means if you're brave enough to go there, the CTY2 will go right with you! Throttle mode selection lets you choose your ride, while a 23ah (1380wh) battery capacity fuels up to 3 hours of riding and a 60+ mile range. Explore the city or rip up your favorite campground with ease.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity for monitoring: ONYX BMS APP (iOSAndroid) - Quick Start Guide

  • Voltage, charge cut-off: 71.4V (tolerance)

  • Voltage, nominal: 62.9V

  • Voltage, discharge cut-off: 51V (tolerance)

  • Range: 60+ Miles

  • Capacity, rated: 23Ah/1446.7wh

  • Max Charge Current allowed: 10A

  • Standard Charge hours (from base voltage to fully charged): 5-6 hours by 5amp charge.

  • Removable Battery

All bikes ship with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO). 

Onyx builds each bike by hand at their only facility in CA. We are now estimating bikes to ship within 3 days or less from the date of order! This 3-day time frame is based on our output in the past and is in constant development making it more efficient, effective, expedient, and high quality. It is far more likely to ship sooner. We have been working tirelessly to cut down our lead time enabling our riders to get on their bikes faster.



Please retain the original packing shall you wish to send the product back. ONYX assures the legitimacy of our products to be of high quality and destined for their recommended purpose with no problems with manufacturing process or craftsmanship.

In case of any issue with our product, kindly inform us through our request form before returning to cut off charges for posting an item. For items bought through our website submit a warranty request below to inform our reps of your issue.

The warranty on each component on the bike is limited to 30 days from the date of delivery and is limited to the original buyer. For example: if a drive train part for some reason would malfunction, that whole part will be replaced. The warranty does not cover against damages caused by normal wear and tear. The warranty does not apply in the event of abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than intended, replacement with any part or accessory other than original ONYX parts and products, attempt of reparation or modification unless expressly permitted in writing by ONYX.

ONYX waives all responsibility for any third party for consequences that might result from the use or handling of any ONYX product by any legal or natural person.