PurrSong LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box

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  • PurrSong LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box

    Thanks to LavvieBot S, your cat is no more coming to a dirty litter box; The Smart Automatic Litter Box auto-cleans, auto-refills, and controls odors with a deodorizer so you can relax. It also helps monitor the urinary health of all your cats!
    When the cat's done its business in the LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning after a set amount of time chosen by the user between 15 and 90 minutes depending on your cat's needs.

    LavvieBot S refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning, maintaining a fresh bed of litter for your cat every time.
    LavvieBot S’s indented buttons prevent cats from pressing them. The robot litter LavvieBot S also uses 3 separate sensors to recognize each cat and ensure its safety.

    Wellbots / PurrSong LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box

    A convenient application

    PurrSong App lets you know the status of the Litter Box whenever your cat uses it, when auto clean begins or a storage needs more litter, and when a waste drawer is full. This way, both cats and users can keep their little box clean and sanitary.
    You can choose to receive notifications with various mode.

    Wellbots/ PurrSong LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box

    Key Features:

    • The Most Sophisticated Self-Cleaning Litter Box on the Market
    • The Lavviebot S Easily Stores Litter and Automatically Refills Itself
    • PurrSong App enables you to monitor the health of multiple cats in real time
    • Needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks when used with one cat
    • Maintains indoor air quality with a deodorizer

    • 1x LavvieBot S Robotic Litter Box
    • 1x Stepmat
    • 1x Power Adapter
    • 2x Deodorizer (1 set)
    • 10x Waste bag

    • Tray dimensions: 12.5*17*14.2”
    • Tray Litter Quantity: Up to 5 liters
    • Total Size: 19.5 * 22.9 * 27.7 (inches)


     110~240V, 50~60Hz

    POWER: 18W


    Works  perfectly for 4.5lb – 22lb cats (can be used by most cat breeds except Maine Coons and Savannah Cats)

    Recommend maximum two cats per one LavvieBot S