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  • Meet the Power of S6 Pure

    The Roborock S6 Pure Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful vacuum that maps your home to clean the kitchen, playroom, bedroom, and living room. Equipped with a high-accuracy laser rangefinder spinning at 15000rpm, your robot can create an accurate floorplan map. Using powerful 32-bit quad-core processors, this robotic vacuum can calculate the most efficient route for cleaning each room without missing anything. You could also enjoy a powerful suction force, an advanced voice control, a useful App It also has impressive battery life that cleans up to 150 minutes of run time.

    - 5200mAH Battery
    - Lindar navigation & Z-shape cleaning route
    - Automatica carpet boost
    - Quiet and powerful
    - Easy to use and maintain
    - Advance App control



    Thanks to a high precision laser navigation system and adaptive algorithms, Roborock S6 Pure scans the room and create accurate real-time maps of your entire home. It understands the room’s shape and learns where obstacles are. The robot creates visual landmarks to record and keep track of where it's been and where it has yet to clean. The S6 Pure has also several sensors that prevent the unit from falling down stairs or bumping into the obstacles.


    Use the App to Control it 

    You can control exactly where it cleans directly from the Roborock App. If you need to clean a specific area, just open the app and then draw a box around the area that needs cleaning. You can also set no-mop zones & barriers, control water flow & much more. And as the vacuum moves from room to room you can follow its progress directly from the app. If your home has Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa you can start or stop your Roborock S6 Pure by controlling it virtually, just with your voice.

    - Captures 95% of allergens
    - Protect your valuables
    - 360º of sensing
    - 50% quieter than the S5

    Main Features

    -High precision LiDAR laser navigation system
    -Fourteen sensor
    -Adaptive algorithms
    -An advanced voice control 
    -Washable air filter & mop pad/water tank, & dustbin
    -A supersized Lithium-Ion battery
    -Climbing easily over 0.8in high thresholds
    -A free Roborock Application

    • Vacuum,
    • Charging dock
    • 1 Power cable
    • 1 Moisture-Proof mat,
    • Adjustable water tank,
    • 1 Mop cloth and user guide

  • Dimensions:
    13.78 x 13.78 x 3.80 Inches

    High precision LDS Navigation


    7.72 lbs



    60db noise

    Dust bin capacity

    Charging dock with integrated cable cord tidy

    WB-S60Pure-01 (white)
    WB-S65Pure-01 (Black)

    06970995781410 (white)
    006970995781427 (Black)

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