Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush

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  • Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush

    Show your kids that brushing teeth is fun! Kolibree Connected electronic toothbrush teaches your kids how to properly brush their teeth. With built-in Bluetooth, Kolibree connects to smartphones and tablets. The electronic smart-toothbrush recognizes your kids brushing habits and encourages tooth brushing through specifically developed video games. The better you brush your teeth, the more your game score will improve. This makes brushing teeth a fun experience. 


    Kolibree Smart Electric Toothbrush


    Kolibree: a smart device for the entire family

    Kolibree connected electronic toothbrush is a smart device. The 3-D motion sensors record your movements each time you brush your teeth, and the Kolibree smartphone app shows you exactly what dental areas you are neglecting when you brush. You can then access the results of your previous brushing on the Kolibree Web Platform. In addition, the Kolibree smartphone app allows you to have a personal dentist-coach who will help you improve each day.


    Kolibree Smart Connected Toothbrush



    Kolibree Smart Connected Toothbrush

    Kolibree Smart Connected Toothbrush

    Main Features

      • compatible with tablets, smartphones using iOS and smartphones using android
      • simple and elegant design
      • 3D motion sensors to analyze your movements
      • 1 induction charger for an optimum usage
      • sonic vibration technology
      • soft and rounded bristles to protect your gums
      • applications are free
  • - 1 toothbrush
    - 1 brush head
    - 1 charger
    0.85 lb

    Wireless charging, Internal Li-iOn 650mAh


    Sonic technology, variation speed control and brushing patterns from 12000 to 32000 vibrations per minute

    Android and iOS


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