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Autel Robotics Smart Controller for Evo 2 V1

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  • This is the V1 version, compatible only with V1 drones. If your drone has a small silver patch on the top that says V2 on it, then you need the V2 version available here

    Autel Robotics Smart Controller for EVO II V1

    Superior Touch Screen :The Autel Robotics Smart Controller offers the ultimate viewing experience for pilots. The built in display at 2000 nits is four times brighter than a conventional cellphone, ensuring a comfortable viewing in any lighting environment. The 7.9 " UHD (2048x1536) touch screen provides clear visibility and a crisp image, even under sunlight. 

    Long Distance HD Image Transmission : Autel Robotics developed a superior image transmission technology. Transmit HD 1080P video as far as 8.08 miles (13km) with very low latency. Even in high interference environments, the dual band support and the automatic frequency changes ensure signal stability.

    Long life battery : The smart controller battery will last for up to 4.5 hours of continuous use thanks to a powerful 5800 mAh lithium battery. Only 2 hours are needed to recharge the battery. 

    Expandability : You can connect to the controller with HDMI, USB-A and USB-C for live streaming for example. The antennas are detachable for easy replacement or upgrade with SMA compatible third party antennas. 

    Main Features

    7.9" 2000-nit Super-Bright Screen with Anti-Glare Coating
    4.5 Hour Battery Life (3 hours at maximum brightness)
    128GB of Internal Memory
    8 Mile Image Transmission at HD 1080p
    Customized Android operating system
    Samsung 8-Core Processor
    Tri-Band Frequency Ready
    HDMI Video Output Port


    • 1 x Autel Robotics Smart Controller for Evo 2 V1
  • Compatibility:
    Evo II series, Evo II RTK Series, Enterprise Bundle


    7.9" 2000-nit Super-Bright Screen with Anti-Glare Coating
    Ultra HD (2048x1536)

    Battery Life:
    4.5 Hour Battery Life (3 hours at maximum brightness)

    2.5 lbs

    128GB of Internal Memory

    Image Transmission:
    8 Mile Image Transmission at HD 1080p

    Tri-Band Frequency Ready

    Customized Android operating system

    Samsung 8-Core

    HDMI Video Output Port

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