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Swellpro Splash Drone 4 Waterproof Fishing Drone

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Payload Bait Release

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  • Swellpro SplashDrone 4 Waterproof Fishing Drone

    Swellpro is releasing yet another top notch waterproof drone: SplashDrone 4. Equipped with a new float platform and designed for use in challenging environment on the water, this drone will be your best ally for any fishing party with friends or water activities such as boating, kite surfing, paddling and more!


      New IP67 Seawater-proof body

      SplashDrone 4 is now equipped with a brand new and rigid body made out of industrial-grade ABS. This is 100% waterproof guarantee. The drone and the motors are also corrosion-resistant as you can expect. Fly in all weather and in any challenging conditions in order to catch fish at all times. Moreover, using a fishing drone to fish makes it even funnier!

      The new SplashDrone 4 remote controller is also completely waterproof. You can drop it in the water with no worry. The Built-In GPS and screen offers rare features such as real-time tracking and a dynamic return to pilot button. You can also connect to multiple devices for an even better operation on the water. The battery life for the remote controller is 8 hours!

      Interchangeable cameras

      SplashDrone 4 is perfect for 2 types of drone use: fishing or photography/video. You can either choose between the PL1 Payload release or you can choose one of the 4K Gimbal cameras that are available and compatible with the drone. See breakdown below:

      - PL1 Payload Bait Release: It can drop up to to 2KG of bait as well as rescue devices for instance. Range is up to 4KM. It can be mounted together with the camera of your choice.

      - Waterproof 3-axis 4K Camera: This is the top camera available. 3-axis Gimbal and 4K which will remain stable and provide stellar shots and videos at all times.

      - Waterproof 2-axis Night Vision Camera: This is a great value add as it can capture excellent HD videos at night time. Even without LED, the camera itself can still capture decent detail in low light situations.

      - Waterproof 1-axis 4K Camera: It can capture quality 4K videos and only turns on 1-axis.

      Additional Features

      SplashDrone 4 is equipped with a patented Smooth+ flight control that allows the pilot to easily control the drone to be steady and secure. If the drone pilot wants to take a steady shoot, turn on Smooth+ control with the 4K 3-awis gimbal and the camera will take the shoot smoothly and effortlessly.

      The 5 kilometer range (3.5 miles) is also very useful. The latest 5.8 GHZ digital image transmitter ensures a reliable image and control signal range.

      One of our favorite feature is the powerflip, which permits the drone pilot to turn the drone back to the normal state when the drone is upside down in the water!

      Also, SplashDrone 4 has a return to pilot feature so that the drone never gets lost. Just press the button and the drone will return to its original take-off point (even from a moving boat!).

      Orbit and follow me mode are also 2 flight modes that are available and ready to use on the new SplashDrone 4. For the follow me mode, you can track the position of the pilot at a constant angle from the front, side and back with the camera always pointing to the subject. Regarding Orbit Follow, the drone will automatically follow and orbit around a moving object at a chosen radius.

      • 1x SplashDrone 4 body
      • 1x Remote Controller
      • 2x Propellers(pair)
      • 1x Intelligent Battery
      • 1x Power Adapter
      • 1x Power Cable
      • 1x RC Barrel Power Cable
      • 1x Micro USB Cable
      • 1x Hex Screwdriver
      • 2x Hex Screw
      • 1x Barometric Membrane(extra)

      Waterproof Rating:


      Drone Weight:
      2.18 kg

      Axis Diameter: 
      450 mm

      Max Ascend Speed::

      Max Descend Speed:


      Max Flight Speed:
      22 m/s (ATTI)); 10 m/s (GPS)

      Max Tilt Angle:
      12.5° (ATTI); 25° (ATTI fast)

      Max Takeoff Altitude:
      120m (GPS) / ATTI - no limitation

      Max Wind Speed Resistance:
      8 m/s (11-16knots)(F4); 14 m/s (F7) peak gust

      Max Flight Time:
      30 mins (no wind & no load) (approx. 25 mins with GC3-S, approx.15 mins with load of 1.5kg)

      Max Flight Distance:
      5 km

      Max Payload Capacity:
      2 kg (4.5 lbs)

      #1242 carbon fiber quick release propellers

      Operating Frequency:
      5180 - 5875 MHz

      Transmitter power (EIRP):
      FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm

      Working Temperature:
      -10℃ ~ 40℃

      Satellite Positioning System

      Hovering Precision:
      ±0.5 m (vertical); ±0.5 m (horizontal)

      Pass-through Serial Port:
      Connect to a third-party device and transfer the data of the third-party device to the remote control

      Allows for TTL serial port to TCP, support baud rate of 115200

      Wi-Fi Hotspot:

      Power Input:
      12V/2A | 5V/2A


      Waterproof Rating:

      Operating Frequency:
      5180 - 5875 MHz

      Transmitter Power (EIRP):
      FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm

      Real Time Video Transmission:

      200 ms (It depends on the actual shooting environment and mobile devices)

      6600 mAh

      Working Time:
      7 hours

      Working Current/Voltage::

      Ethernet Port:

      Wi-Fi Hotspot:
      IP: 2020; Default password: 12345678

      Mobile Device Mount:
      Suitable for any size phones; Tablets require a larger mount (sold separately)

      2.68 inch, 128x64

      Working Temperature:
      -10℃ - 40℃

      Remote ChargingTime:
      3 hours

      Power Input:


      Nominal Capacity:


      Intelligent 4S LiPo

      Watt Hours:
      97.68 Wh


      735 g (±5 g)

      Working Temperature:
      -10℃ - 40℃

      Remote ChargingTime:
      1.5 hours

      Return Policy:
      SwellPro products have a 15 calendar days return window from the date of delivery. To be eligible for a buyer's remorse return, your item must be unused and in the same condition you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. If accepted and upon inspection, you will be refunded minus a 15% restocking fee.