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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8+ Vacuum and Mop with Auto-Empty Station

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Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo N8 Pro+ Vacuum and Mop Auto-Empty Station

With the fully automated Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo N8+ Vaccum and Mop Auto-Empty Station, you can say goodbye to tedious cleaning tasks.

The DEEBOT Ozmo N8+ is a dependable cleaning device with a strong suction power of 2300Pa and a trusted Ozmo mopping technology that can vacuum and mop at the same time, clearing difficult stains and dirt from any floor.

Whether it's dirt in floor crevices or embedded in the carpet, the N8+ does its job quietly and efficiently. When mopping, the ultrasonic sensors avoid carpets, and when vacuuming carpets, the suction power is doubled. The use of a precision micro-water pump and customizable four-level water flow settings while mopping prevents leaks and over-wetting.

TrueMapping creates systematic cleaning pathways using a new laser-based LiDAR navigation technology and industry-leading dToF sensors. The N8+ mapping technology creates maps with four times the coverage and twice the precision of previous mapping technology. As it cleans each floor of your home, your robot scans 360 degrees to ensure the most efficient path for faster cleaning and fewer missed spots. Fully-automated cleaning anytime, from anywhere, is possible with the ECOVACS App of the N8+. Custom boundaries can be created for enhanced cleaning control with customized cleaning for different rooms.

  • Most affordable hands-free robotic vacuum-mop
  • Auto-Empty Station for auto-garbage collection
  • Ozmo mopping and vacuuming in one go
  • Multiple cleaning systems
  • 99% bacteria removal
  • Super suction for deep cleaning
  • Best navigation with dToF
  • Full automation with app connectivity
  • Unlimited virtual boundaries
  • Customized cleaning for each room
  • Continuous clean
  • Voice control
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Auto-charge
  • Compatible with smart home systems: Amazon Echo, Google Home

With its high-efficiency filter, auto-empty station, astonishing 110-minute runtime, smart charge continuous cleaning, and smart home connection, the N8+ transform the monotonous routine of home cleaning into a hi-tech new hands-free cleaning experience.


Navigation type: Smart Navi 3.0, TrueMapping

Cleaning mode: Auto, Area, Custom

Vacuum components: Main Brush

Vacuum power adjustment: Auto/ Manual

Dust bin capacity (ml): 420

Carpet detection: Yes

Floating main brush: Yes

Type of reservoir: OzmoTM

Water level adjustment: Yes

Map generated by App: Yes


Voice report: Yes

Time scheduling: Yes

Continuous cleaning: Yes

Size of Robot (φxH, mm):Φ353*93.6

Noise Value (dBA): 66

Battery Specifications (Type, mAh): Li-ion 3200mAh

Working time (min): 110

Charging Time (H): 4

Rated power of robot (W): 40

Working voltage of robot (V): 14.4

Model No. of charging dock: RC General Charging Dock



1 x Robot

1 x Charging dock

2 x Side Brushes

1 x Cleaning Cloth

10 x Disposal Cleaning Cloth

1 x Cloth Plate

1 x High-Efficiency Filter

1 x Cleaning Tool

Vacuum and mop in One-Go
Navigation Technology TrueMapping with dTOF (Laser) TrueMapping with dTOF (Laser) TrueMapping with dTOF (Laser) Smart Navi 3.0 (Laser)
Obstacle Avoidance TrueDetect 3D Obstacle Detection (Laser) AIVI Object Recognition (Camera) TrueDetect 3D Obstacle Detection (Laser) Sensors
Auto-Empty Station Compatible Included Sold Separately Sold Separately
Runtime Up To 110 Min Up to 3 Hours Up to 3 Hours Up To 110 Min
Automatic Charging Smart Recharge & Resume Smart Recharge & Resume Smart Recharge & Resume Recharge & Resume
Interactive Map: Clean by Room, Custom Boundaries
Multi-Floor Mapping
Automatic Carpet Detection
Cleaning Report with Interactive Map