Wanda the Whale by Hayward

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  • Wanda the Whale : a suction pool cleaner by Hayward

    Wanda the Whale is a simple and easy solution for on-grounds or above-ground swimming pools, with either flat or dished bottoms. This friendly whale uses Hayward patented SmartDrive programmed steering system to automatically navigate across your pool, improve water circulation and gobbles up any debris, from dust to leaves. 

    Wanda the Whale is installed in 10 minutes or less, without tools. Everything you need to plug the cleaner onto your existing filtration system is included in the box, even the hoses. Give up on harmful chemicals and boring manual cleaning, let Wanda keep your pool at its sparkling best!

    Note that if your pump does have a strainer basket, it is absolutely necessary that the Hayward W560 Leaf Canister be installed. You can purchase it separately here


    You can find the user manual here

    • 1 x Wanda the Whale
    • 32 feet hose (in 12 connecting sections) 
  • Dimensions:
    40.80x12.80x12.90 inches (package)

    16 lbs (package)

    1-year (parts only)

    Pool Type:
    On-grounds or above-ground swimming pools

    32 feet ( eleven (11) 32" connector hoses and one (1) 32" leader hose)

    Pool size:
    Distance from the skimmer (or dedicated suction line) to the farthest point in the pool should not exceed 24 feet. If it does, you need to purchase additional hose sections for Wanda to operate properly.