InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle

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  • InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle


    Sleek Design

    The InMotion V10F's narrow profile means you can enjoy more control and comfort especially when mounting or dismounting the unicycle. The high mounted pedals allow you approach tight maneuvering and deep carving as it is effortless and without fear of dreaded pedal scrape.


    Beyond the specs

    The 2000 W of sustained power with incredible range are by far the best industry standard specs for a electric unicycle. The V10 was designed to provide a superb riding dynamic which is why the V10 was engineered from the grounds up to consider weight distribution, pedal to axle ration, pedal height, overall body height and especially ultra slim body width. The final result of such amazing engineering is a unicycle which performs and rides as beautiful as it looks.


    Human Centered Engineering

    The primary goal of the incredible design was to allow the rider with a best possible ride dynamics. Seasoned electric unicycle riders come to the same conclusion as InMotions's engineering team, a slim body provides not only better control of machine but also much more natural mounting and dismounting.

    The unicycle with its great design also took great care when calibrating its weight distribution to avoid the top heavy' feeling. It was a rather tough goal to achieve for the engineering team considering the thin body profile packed with a 960 Wh batter pack.

    The industry leading pedal height allows added benefits of a natural, comfortable ride with the ability to maneuver like nothing else in its class.


    Key Features:


    Product Warranty:The InMotion V10F comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

    User Manual:Please find the User Manual here.

  • InMotion V10 / V10F: The Most Advanced Electric Unicycle 01:03
    Cutting edge power and stability comes together in a slim and ultra-maneuverable package with InMotion's brand new V10. Experience total freedom and ridability like you've never felt before. Learn More and Order Now at - Top Speed: 25 mph - Max Range: 62 miles - 2000 W nominal - Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor

  • 1 x InMotion V10F Unicycle
    1 x Charging cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Brand:

    Range V10:
    2000W (55-62 miles)

    Battery V10:
    12.8 AH 960 WH

    Charging Time V10:
    8 hours

    25 mph

    Climbing Angle:
    30 degrees

    16 x 2.5 in

    45.4 lbs

    Maximum carrying capacity:
    260 lbs

    IP Rating:

    Front, Rear, and side LED

    Charger Output:
    DC 84V* 1.5A