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Jackery Explorer 880 Portable Power Station

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  • Jackery Explorer 880 Portable Power Station

    The Jackery Explorer 880 Portable Power Station comes with a huge 880Wh capacity. Moreover, this amazing station offers three standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets for easy charging capabilities. These outlets are capable of offering the extra capacity to power multiple AC appliances simultaneously. However, you should know that the total rated wattage should be under 1000w (surge 2000w).

    You will find two powerful USB-C ports and one quick charge 3.0 port for all your electronic devices. These outlets can charge all your digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets, effectively. Here are the topmost highlight features of this portable charging station:

    Quick Solar Charging

    This portable power station comes with state-of-the-art MPPT technology. This offers faster solar recharge rates. You can quickly recharge the explorer 880 within eight hours with two SolarSaga 90W solar panels.

    All you need to do is connect these solar panels to your portable station with an adapter cable. 

    If you only want to use a single panel, the approximate recharging time is increased to 15 hours. You can use your AC outlets and 12v car accessory ports to recharge this portable station. An AC outlet will need seven hours to charge this station fully, and a 12v carport will do it in 14 hours.

    Multiple Capabilities

    Do you want an easy way to charge your portable charging stations? Well, you can fuel your outdoor time with this instant solar generator. It is ideal for RVers and outdoor adventurers. You do not need any extra setup to power your smartphones, space heaters, fans, mini-fridges, and coffee makers, etc. This amazing station can quickly use stored energy and power your pellet smokers and TVs to extend your game time.

    Powerful Battery

    This portable station comes with a powerful lithium battery with 292 watt-hour energy storage. This battery packs a powerful punch and continuously offers optimal efficiency. So, you can enjoy exceptional battery life without any noisy hassles. It is a safe and silent portable charging station.

    Light & Compact

    The company designed this amazing power station for maximum portability. So, you can easily take it around with you. It comes with a convenient carrying handle that instantly allows you to transport this battery pack without any problems. It is 9 inches long and weighs only 6.6 lbs. So, this portable power station serves as the ideal lightweight adventure companion.

    You can buy the Jackery SolarSaga 90W Solar Panel here

    • 1 x Jackery Explorer 880
    • 1 x Car Charger Cable
    • 2 x AC & AC Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
  • Capacity:



    6.6 Lbs.

    Cell Chemistry:

    Li-ion NMC


    ≥500 cycles to 80% 

    Management System:

    BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection

    Dimensions (LxWxD):

    11.8 x 7.6 x 9.2 in (30.1 x 19.3 x 24.2 cm)

    Operating Usage Temperature:

    14-104F (-10-40)


    FCC, ROHS, UN38.3


    24 Months