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LAVA ME PRO Touch Smart Guitar

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  • LAVA ME PRO Touch Smart Guitar

    Lava Me Pro was specifically designed for stage performance. A powerful built-in preamp system, extraordinary reliability & portability define its extremely purposeful design. It has been created to be the best stage performances. It has been created with L.R. Baggs, a great amplification specialist.

    The most powerful preamp with a state-of-the-art technology

    The iconic Mix-Control by L.R. Baggs :L.R. Baggs'advanced piezo and mic technology have contributed to the natural and stereo sounds now available, while allowing you to customize the proportion of each tone used and perfect your individual sound. 

    The FreeBoost Technology : The FreeBoost system allows you to play with reverb, delay and chorus without plugging into an amp. The FreeBoost patent is provided by Double Acoustic.

    Tap-Tempo Delay : You can now adjust the tempo of the built in delay, with a simple tap of a button.

    Turbo Mode : With the new TURBO button, instantly boost your volume by up to 50% giving you an extra lift when you need it most.

    Comfort and design

    The Gravitational designed shape : The LAVA MUSIC engineering team initially uses the soundboard as the top of a 3D object, then adds more depth to body creating a more natural and steady structure. Utilising the shape optimisation process, the body of the instrument grows into a form that is both strong, lightweight and thin.

    AirCarbon Soundboard : Inspired by engineering principles used in the aviation industry, the extremely light but stiff honeycomb structure used in aircraft to reduce weight while retaining strength, gives us the perfect material for enhanced acoustic performance. It is extremely lightweight but very strong, therefore vibrates freely with the same stiffness as standard carbon fibre, yet 30% lighter.

    The Phantom Structure : Initially designed using acoustic simulations for it’s shape, the honeycomb structures are then sealed with layers of carbon fibre. The Phantom Structure transfers the vibrations from the strings through the entire soundboard for a more full and brighter tone.

    Weatherproof : The AirSonic Carbon Fibre body allows you to play the guitar without being affected by changing weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. Whether you're in a desert or polar region, the LAVA ME PRO will always work for you.

    Ideal Bag Pro :
     The shape of the Ideal Bag PRO was designed to fit the body of the guitar perfectly, while the build "AirBuff" material protects it from environmental stresses. The AirBuff material is soft and elastic under normal conditions, then when the bag is struck or bangs on an outside surface, the inner micron molecules instantly lock together to absorb the impact and protect the LAVA ME PRO. The Ideal Bag PRO comes with a concealed pocket on the rear side, giving you the space to bring any tools, accessories or cables needed for your performance.


    • USB Type-C charging cable

    • Instruction

    • Cleaning cloth

    • Ideal Bag PRO

    • Ideal Pick Mix

  • Size:

    Space grey / Black Gold

    Ideal Bag Pro

    L2 PRO Pickup with FreeBoost technology

    Soundboard material:


    Body material:
    AirSonic Carbon fiber Composite


    Elixir Nanoweb 012

    LAVA offers a 1-year limited warranty for the LAVA ME PRO. The warranty covers product issues excluding damages caused by misuse or accidents.