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Google Nest WiFi

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  • Google Nest WiFi

    Fast streaming, strong connection and huge coverage; this is what Google Nest Wifi is about. Google Nest Wifi Router is way stronger than any other traditional Wifi router. And there is more! Its scalable system thanks to its buddy Nest Wifi Point allows you cover your whole home while assuring a extraordinary strong signal. 

    Google Nest Wifi will never let you down! Imagine, one router can handle up to 100 connected devices. Add one Wifi point to your Router, and you're good to go for up to 200 connected devices! Forget about poor wifi issues while streaming videos, you can stream multiple 4K videos at the same without worrying about connection with Nest Wifi. 

    This is so much more than just a Wifi. Nest Wifi point is built with a speaker and Google Assistant technology. So this is also a great help for your daily life. Just ask your Point to play your best playlist, to control a smart device or any information, and it will execute!

    Easy-to-use, stylish and convenient

    Nest Wifi is easy to set up and easy to control. You can easily monitor your Wifi from your smartphone or with Google Assistant. With Nest Wifi, your house is safe. Its great security system and its automatic updates will continuously offer to your house the most secure wifi network. 
    Finally, you must admit it, it also has a great design! And it will perfectly fit to your house. 

  • Meet Google Nest WiFi! 

    How to Wifi your whole home tutorial.

  • Nest Wifi router (1 pack)
    1 x Nest Wifi router
    1 x Ethernet cable (6.5 ft)
    1 x power adapter

    Nest Wifi (2 pack)
    1 x Nest Wifi router
    1 x Nest Wifi point
    1 x Ethernet cable (6.5 ft)
    2 x power adapter

    Nest Wifi (3 pack)
    1 x Nest Wifi router
    2 x Nest Wifi point
    1 x Ethernet cable (6.5 ft)
    3 x power adapter

    Nest Wifi add on point (1 pack)
    1 x Nest Wifi point
    1 x power adapter


    Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac); Dual-Band (2.4 & 5 GHz)
    Ports: router: 2 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
    MU-MIMO Support: Router: 4 x 4
    Beamforming Support: Yes
    Wireless Security: WPA3
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Communication Protocol: Google Home
    Virtual Assistant Support: None


    Mobile Operating System Support: Yes
    Operation Modes: Mesh, Wireless Router


    Processor: 1.4 GHz ARM Quad-Core
    Memory: Router: 1 GB
    Flash Memory: Router: 4 GB
    Speakers: None
    Built-In Microphones: None
    Display: None


    Material of Construction: Plastic
    Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.6" / 110.0 x 90.4 mm (Router)
    Weight: 13.4 oz / 380 g (Router)


    Package Weight: 1.93 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.7 x 5.4 x 5.3"