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EDGE 135261099

Dogtra EDGE 1-Mile Expandable Remote Dog Trainer

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  • Dogtra EDGE 1-Mile Expandable Remote Dog Trainer

    Explore the unmatched possibilities of training canines with Dogtra EDGE 1 Mile Remote Dog Trainer. Its cutting-edge technology aptly named the EDGE is a handheld transmitter designed for easy single-handed operation and comes with 127 correction level Rheostat Dial, 8 correction level Selector Dial, high-intensity Beacon and Locate LED light for absolute control over K9 training sessions.

    Gift your pet the state-of-the-art technology in dog training with Dogtra EDGE Remote Dog Trainer. Its 1-mile EDGE is expandable for up to 4 dogs, the perfect equipment for professional K9 trainers. Equipped with patented accurate intuitive controls, it is also fitted with a Beacon & Locate LED Light that enables nocturnal training for your 4-legged companion without ever getting lost.

    The stylish e-collar fits comfortably on your pet’s neck and is fitted with two different correction types – Nick (a ½ second) and Constant (up to 12 seconds) – and has an additional Pager correction mode that triggers a clear vibration to alert your dog while training. The EDGE is expandable to accommodate 4 canines at one go with different colors – black, orange, green, blue – to act as unique receivers. Tweaked to perfection, Dogtra’s EDGE is the best to train canines for competitions and hunting expeditions. 

    Main Features

    The EDGE 
    Enhancing your K9 training experience to a whole new level is the EDGE, a simple hand-held tube-like design remote with advanced features to train your canines for competitions, hunting, and general good behavior. Built to handle tough training sessions, it is perfect for professional dog trainers.

    The remote’s versatile design provides for easy single-handed operation with interchangeable stimulation dials for precise Rheostat control or intuitive selector dial for quick clicks. 

    While the 127-correction level Rheostat dial offers precise level control, it can be interchanged to an 8-correction level Selection dial for a quick level change. The e-collar adorning your four-legged pals’ neck is fitted with two different correction types – Nick (a quick ½ second) and Constant Correction (up to 12 seconds) – gentle yet vibrates the right amount to alert your pet. Additionally, there is a Pager vibration for alerting your dogs while training with a clear vibration.

    The EDGE remote is expandable up to a 4-dog system with unique color controls for each canine – Black, Orange, Green, Blue – colored buttons to match each dog, it is the perfect choice for professional dog trainers to train multiple canines in one go.

    The 1-mile expandable EDGE comes with a Combination Boost Control to quickly increase the correction power while training for pack-hunting and pack-competitions. Its Beacon & Location LED light comes in 4 selectable color range to locate your canine easily during nocturnal training sessions.

    From your tiny poodles of 35 lbs. to the bulky bulldog, this highly efficient e-collar is perfect to train multiple dogs of various breeds in a single go during obedience training. 

    Subjected to the highest testing standards of IPX9K, Dogtra’s EDGE 1 Mile Remote Dog Trainer is certified waterproof to withstand powerful water jets and extreme temperatures.

    • 1 x Transmitter
    • 1 x Receiver
    • 1 x Battery Charger and Splitter Cable
    • 1 x Test Light
    • 1 x Exchangeable Selector Dial
    • 1 x Contact Point Extensions and Adjustment Tool
    • 1 x Carrying Case
    • 1 x Owner’s Manual

  • Warranty:
    2 year


    Maximum Operating Range:
    1 Mile

    Output Type:

    Correction/Deterrent Type:
    Stimulation, Vibration

    Electric Correction Type:
    Nick/Constant Correction

    Vibration Correction Type:
    Pager Vibration

    Correction Levels:
    127 Correction Level Rheostat Dial
    8 Correction Level Selector Dial

    Receiver Type:
    Beacon & Locate LED Light

    LCD Screen

    Up to 4 Dogs (buy additional receiver)

    Dog Size:
    For dogs 35 pounds and up

    Waterproof Resistance Level:
    Fully Waterproof System

    2 Lithium Polymer (Not Included)

    Location Lights:
    4 Selectable Colors – White, Red, Blue, Green

    Contact Points:
    Extendable (5/8” to ¾”)

    2 hours rapid charge

    Product Length:
    13 in.

    Maximum Neck Circumference:
    17 in.

    Minimum Neck Circumference:
    13 in.

    EDGE 135261099