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HAYWARD Navigator Pro Suction Cleaner - Concrete Pools

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  • HAYWARD Navigator Pro Automatic Suction Cleaner - Concrete Pools

    The Hayward navigator Pro Scrubs and vacuums floors and walls. It is easy to install and connects to the filtering system of your swimming pool in less than 10 minutes. You do not need any booster pump as it is powered by the filtering system. You do not need any tools to connect it to the skimmer or suction port.

    With the SmartDrive technology, the Navigator Pro covers every single corner of your swimming pool. Nothing will be left out and you will have the cleanest water ever. It follows a predetermined path, with a series of right and left turns, to cover all the surface from your swimming pool. It has an unwavering suction, a wide vacuum inlet, and a wing design that creates a huge suction path.

    A quiet and efficient cleaning robot

    The Hayward pool cleaneroperates smoothly and in silence thanks to the turbine-drive system. It doesn't make any disturbing noises and doesn't generate pulsating hoses, so you can enjoy and relax around your swimming pool with a complete peace of mind. Monitering is made easy with the Navigator Pro. You don't have to empty the bags, the maintenance takes a reduced amount of time compared to the average pool cleaners, meaning you get more time to relax and truly enjoy your beautiful swimming pool. This cleaning robot takes all the dirt and you won't find any debris after he has been in action.

    You can find the user manual here.

  • - 1 x HAYWARD Navigator Pro Automatic Suction Cleaner-Concrete Pools
    - 1 x 40 ft hose

  • Pool Coverage:
    Pool floor, walls, coves

    Cleaning Area:
    Floors and walls

    Pool Type:

    Pool cleaner type:
    Suction Side

    Pool surface:

    Cleaning Cycle:
    3 to 4 hours

    Pool Size:
    Up to 20' x 40'

    Hose Length:
    40 ft

    Booster Pump:
    Not required

    1 year manufacturer warranty (parts only)



    Return Policy:
    Pool cleaners must be unopened to qualify for a return. For defective products and technical issues, Hayward requires customers to contact them directly. The manufacturer will troubleshoot the issue and, at their sole discretion, provide parts or a replacement unit under warranty. Please contact Hayward with your serial number and proof of purchase at (908) 355-7995 or by filling this online form.