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EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

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    Ecoflow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

    Increase efficiency while charging your solar generators with this Bifacial Portable Solar Panel. With a 220W primary side, and a 155W side on the back for ambient light, you can capture up to 25% more solar energy and charge your portable power station even faster. Try a mirrored surface and you can get up to 80% more energy. 

    Powerfully portable.

    Rugged, Waterproof and Built To Last

    Equipped with tempered glass, this panel is 5 Times more durable than the competition. It can withstand temperatures up to 300°F and is durable against the elements. This panel is completely water and dust-tight. Rain, wind or shine, your panel is safe with an IP68 waterproof rating. 

    Compact, Portable and Easy to Carry

    In contrast to the competition, this panel is 10% smaller making it easier to carry and handle. Designed with a thinner tempered glass and advanced cells, the panel requires less surface area exposed to the sun to thrive.

    And it’s waterproof too.

    • 220W Bifacial Solar Panel
    • Kickstand Case and Snap Hooks
    • MC4 to XT60 cable

  • Unfolded Dimensions (H x W x D):
    82*183*2.5cm (32.3*72.0*1.0 in)

    Rated power:

    220W Front Side/155W Rear Side

    Open Circuit Voltage:

    21.8V (Vmp 18.4V)

    Short Circuit Current:
    13A (Imp 12.0A) Front Side/ 8.8A (Imp8.4A) Rear Side


    Cell Type:

    Monocrystalline Silicon


    PSE, CE, FCC, RoSH, IP68

    Approx. 9.5kg (20.9lbs)

    Short Circuit Current:
    13A (Imp 12.0A) Front Side/ 8.8A (Imp8.4A) Rear Side