The Somnox Sleep Robot

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  • Meet Somnox Sleep Robot

    Somnox and its cute robot tackle one major global issue that affects millions of people: sleep deprivation. Sleep is a key element in your life. A good sleep helps you be more active, less tires, makes you think better, reduces stress and anxiety, and even prevents from severe diseases. But sadly, either people don't deal with the issue because they don't realize how important it is, or they just take medication and drugs that are often ineffective and can cause bad side effects or addictions. 
    With the help of experts from Royal Auping and Delft University of Technology, Somnox engineers decided to put end to this awful situation and developed the Somnox Sleep Robot. The first sleep assistant that makes sleep better in a totally natural way! 


    How it works? Read carefully, it is wonderful! 

    The secret lies in breathing. It seems like nothing but it is actually highly important, probably THE most important. Somnox relaxes your breath to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and truly rest during your sleep. Accordingly, you will also feel a lot better throughout the day. This sleep-buddy makes your breathing calm and regular and keeps it this way all night long thanks to its physical breathing movement that perfectly adopts the best rhythm for you. 
    Focus on the breathing movement and the subtle sounds of the sleep robot and you will definitely feel the difference. You will also feel safe and secure with this sleep companion. 

    Enjoy the Sleep Robot's Experience


    • Relaxed Breathing
    • Soothing sounds
    • Cosiness
    • Personalised (with Somnox App)


    • Fall asleep faster
    • Less stress and anxiety
    • Feel energized
    • Feel more calm and relaxed

  • Somnox Sleep Robot
    1 washable sleeve
    1 (16 GB) SD-card
    The quick start guide
    The Somnox app, including sleep programs, specially designed sounds, and the latest updates

  • Dimension:
    14.6 x 8.3 x 6.3 " 

    5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)

    Bluetooth: 4.0 Low Energy
    Battery: Li-ion 3300mAh

    Ticking: Soft fabrics and foam by Auping
    Washable sleeve: 100% hypoallergenic cotton

    Android 4.3 or higher & iOS 10 or higher
    Languages: English, Dutch, German

    Li-ion, 2900mAh
    Approx. 4 hours of active night-time use (depending on settings)
    Rechargeable daily

    Replaceable microSD (16Gb)