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Misty II Temperature Screening Assistant

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  • Misty II Temperature Screening Assistant

    Misty II Temperature assistant delivers a great consistent solution to balance health safety and friendly social interactions. Far from the dry experience of kiosks and yet cost effective compared to the hourly rate of a person, Misty II enables you to efficiently screen temperatures of employees, visitors, students with automated and contactless technology, within +/- 0.5 C per FDA guidelines. Polite and always showing a great attitude, Misty II has proven itself engaging and a strengthener of people culture and brand. 

    "Misty's arrival at our site comes at a time when everyone could benefit from additional interactions that are positive and consistent!"(Schenck, Health and Saftey Coordinator at Mental Health Partners)


    Screening is consistent, reliable and always friendly!

    Reduce the risk of frontline staff exposure and let Misty II greets you and invite you to a short screening test. Step up in front the friendly robot who may ask you a quick health question survey. Then look Misty II in the eyes while your temperature is measured with a blackbody referenced thermal imaging camera. Upon results, she will let you in or kindly ask you to step aside while sending a notification to designated people. Results are also recorded and available on the web portal.  

    The Temp Screening Assistant for Misty II comes in two version, Core and Specialized. The later offers additional customizable options (Screenings, greetings) and is multilingual. You can also purchase the robot (hardware) alone and then subscribe to a monthly $59 service fee, please contact our team! 



    For who is this robot? 

    This one-of-its-kind robot is great for steady flow traffic environments that place a premium on temperature accuracy and joyful interactions compared to other dull and boring process. No need to be a geek to adopt this little fellow: the setup is simple and intuitive, including everything you need right out of the box. This compact assistant costs a fraction of the hourly cost of a human, requires no personal protective equipment, and works 24/7 a week.

    • Misty II robot with 
      • Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera
      • Temperature Sceening Assistant Software
      • 9V Charger
    • Web-based Administration/Reporting Portal
    • Temperature Reference Device with Stand and 9V Charger.
    • "Please Stand Here" Floor Graphic
  • Misty II Robot dimensions (L x D x H):
    8.2 x 9.8 x 14.5 in

    Misty II Robot weight:
    7.9 lbs

    1 year

    Measurement Distance Range:
    2-4 feet

    Temperature accuracy:
    +/- 0.5 degree per FDA guidelines

    Other features:
    Interactive health question survey (Custom screenings and greetings with the Specialized version)
    Immediate pass/fail result determination and recording
    Configurable SMS and/or email notifications
    Web-based administration and reporting
    Possibility to develop new custom skills/robot applications