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TAPit Interactive Platform 2021 Version

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  • Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology

    Technology has unlocked a myriad of possibilities for students and teachers in terms of education. Unfortunately, classic hardware devices are not always a good fit, especially for physically challenged students. TAPit is an ADA compliant assistive technology product developed by special needs teacher for special needs teachers and users. Exceptionally durable and versatile, TAPit features an adjustable and orientable touch sensitive LCD panel, mounted on locking wheels. TAPit meets the needs of a wide range of users and provides an optimal interface for teaching all with special educational needs at their own pace. The TAPit reinforces skills that can be transferred to other computer-based learning applications. TAPit connects to a PC / laptop or MAC so will run with the software applications you already use. It is therefore a must have for all schools, libraries, museums, hospitals and rehabilitation centers which want to provide an easy access to technology and interactive education for all.


    What makes TAPit a superior learning tool for all ?

    Multisensory : TAPit is engaging visually and auditorily. Students want to interact with it and take pleasure in learning with it.

    Intended Touch Technology: This technology recognizes the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger tapping or selecting an image. Gesture Selection is also now included.

    Multi Touch : up to 10 multi touch points can be used simultaneously, enabling interactive team work on the large TAPit screen.

    Adjustable and movable: TAPit platform’s screen can be raised to a height of 54 inches or lowered to within 7.5 inches from the floor with the touch of a button. The 43” interactive, touch sensitive LCD panel can be tilted from 0 - 90 degrees. This flexibility makes the TAPit platform infinitely more accessible to physically challenged students and their instructors than stationary or wall-mounted boards.

    Visually accessible : You can resize text and graphics, adjust brightness or contrast controls, and enlarge images or change background colors within seconds. The low-glare, matte finish display is shadow-free, and provides optimal viewing for low-vision users.

    Easy to use : Compatible with most software solutions currently used by teachers, including the following Operating Systems : Windows 10/vista/XP, Linux and Mac OS, Chromebook. TAPit comes complete with a reference guide to assist teachers in how to use a TAPit with different user's unique needs.

    Safe : Built to be used without worries, so you can focus on what matters. The screen is covered by military grade, shatter-resistant safety glass. The surface is easy to clean, moisture sealed and anti-glare surface. Students and adults can lean their body weight safely against the unit.

    Tried and Tested Assistive Technology : TAPit has been selling for over 8 years. Driven by end-users' requests and feedbacks, TAPit has been improved until the current 6th Generation of the unit where every single feature has a purpose.


    Up to 5 years of warranty

    TAPit comes with a 3 Year Standard Limited Warranty included (shipping covered one way).
    For greater peace, we recommended adding the additional 2-year warranty, which picks up after the 3-year warranty, and thanks to which shipping will be covered both ways. 

    Extended 2-year Warranty Details:

    • CPS TAPIt contract to cover TMC TAP-it Mobile Cart
    • Contract starts on the expiration of the 3 year manufacturer warranty
    • Contract includes prepaid shipping to and from the authorized service center at time of claim
    • Contract covers internal hardware failure, and is a direct extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty (minus standard exclusions)
    • Warranty Exclusions: · Physical Damage · Cosmetic Damage · User Induced Damage · Software · Loss/Theft · Accessories · Negligence · Power Surges · Acts of Go


    You can find the user manual and limited warranty here

    • 1 x TAPit
    • 1 x Setup Manual
    • 1 x Wireless Remote Controller
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • 1 x Spanner
    • 1 x Cable Tie
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):
    Folded : 48 x 29 x 33 inches
    Standing : 48 x 29 x 55 inches

    360 lbs

    43 inches touch LCD panel
    military grade, shatter-resistant safety glass
    moisture sealed
    Low-glare, matte finish display

    Electronically Adjustable Tablet:
    Height : 54 down to 7.5 inches from the floor
    Tilt : 0-90 degrees

    Connectivity :
    Connects to a PC / laptop or MAC 
    USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio and VGA cables included.

    Operating Systems Compatibility:
    Windows 10/vista/XP, Linux and Mac OS, Chromebook

    Built in speaker

    3-years warranty
    Optional 2-year warranty for covered back and forth shipping 

    Part Number: