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Swellpro Fisherman Fishing Drone FD1

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  • Swellpro Fisherman Fishing Drone FD1 

    Swellpro has revolutionized the drone world once again with the introduction of the Fisherman Drone 1 - FD1. This highly capable drone is extremely user friendly. What separates this drone from the rest is its unique ability to deliver baits and long lines up to 1.6km away. The Fisherman Drone 1 can give you your best fishing day by finding the best coastal fishing spots. Shore based anglers have the ability to further extend the casting range and drop in various baits up to 4.4 pounds (2KG) within a single trip. 

    This FD1 is also available in a Fisherman bundle and a Baitdrop bundle.


      IP67 Seawater-proof body

      The Swellpro Fisherman is made from top of the industrial grade ABS. It is completely 100% water-sealed and tested in various pressures. To further prevent corrosion, both the external waterproof motors and internal electronics are coated with a corrosion material. 

      Intelligent Drone Features

      Dropping your baits and having your drone come to you has never been easier. Once the drone has dropped its bait, just swipe on the return home switch and it will fly back by ITSELF to the original take off point and land in a graceful manner. All you have to do is focus on getting your bounty in. 

      Some drones have a pendulum motion when flying when a payload is being carried. This drone sports an Anti-Pendulum feature which reduces the pendulum motion. To further reduce this effect you can also control the acceleration and de-acceleration.

      Failsafe return becomes enabled when the battery level reaches a low threshold or the drone loses its signal. The drone will know this information, and automatically release the fishing line and ultimately, return to the original point of take off. 

      Additional features;

      The Fisherman drone comes with an all new interference-resistant GPS and an updated altimeter design. Which means the elevated GPS and Altimeter Pod provides more precise position and altitude control against the interference. This also ensures that the compass always goes north if there is any unusual magnetic fields. 

      Differences with the SwellPro Splash Drone 4

      • SD4 has a waterproof remote controller, not the FD1.
      • SD4 has a 5 km range, FD1 range is 1.3 km.
      • On the SD4, you get to choose a 4K camera (1, 2 or 3 axis) and they are separated from the payload release mechanism, while on the FD1 there is only either a payload release (PL1-F) or a payload release with a 1-axis embedded HD camera (PL2-F).
      • SD4 uses a smart device to fly the drone with an app since its digital. The FD1 does not since its analog. Both have same payload capacity (4.5 lbs.), same flight time (30 min), same speed.
      • The Splash Drone 4 is available here. You will also find several bundles : fishing, night fishing, and filming
      •  Parts Basic Version FPV Version
        Aircraft x1 x1
        Remote Controller x1 x1
        Propellers (Pair) x2 x2
        Drone Battery x1 x1
        Balance Charger x1 x1
        Charger Cable x1 x1
        Micro USB Cable x1 x1
        Manuals x1 x1
        PL1-F Payload Release x1 /
        PL2-F Payload Release / x1
        VXT Video Transmitter / x1
        GL-1 FPV Googles / x1


      Waterproof Rating:


      Drone Weight:
      2120 g (includes battery)

      Diagonal Motor Distance 450mm

      Max Ascend Speed:

      Max Descend Speed:


      Max Flight Speed:

      Max Flight Height:

      Max Wind Speed Resistance:
      Normal Wind: 8 m/s (11-16knots)(F4); Gust: 14 m/s (F7) peak gust

      Hovering Accuracy:
      +/- 0.5m

      Max Flight Time:
      39 Minutes without Load

      Max Flight Distance:
      1.3 km

      Max Flight Weight:
      3.7 kg

      Max Payload:
      2 kg (4.5 lbs)

      Satellite Positioning System

      Flight Control System
      SwellPro S4


      40A (32 bit return current)

      #1242 carbon fiber quick release propellers

      Working Temperature:
      -10℃ ~ 40℃

      Battery Type:
      4S 16.8V 6500mAh Lipo

      Battery Weight:


      378 g w/o battery


      2405-2475 MHz

      Band Wide:

      5000 Khz

      Coding Mode:

      Effective Distance:
      1.3 km (No interference, open area)

      Receiving Sensitivity:

      Transmitting Power: 
      Less than 20dBm


      Battery Type:


      Return Policy:
      SwellPro products have a 15 calendar days return window from the date of delivery. To be eligible for a buyer's remorse return, your item must be unused and in the same condition you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. If accepted and upon inspection, you will be refunded minus a 15% restocking fee.