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Autel Robotics FoxFury D100 Spotlight and EXOLANDER for EVO II Drone

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  • Autel Robotics FoxFury D100 Spotlight and EXOLANDER for EVO II Drone

    Main features:

    • Made in the USA
    • 2,300 Lumen Output
    • Directed 15 Degree beam
    • 70 minute runtime
    • Proper COG mounting with EXOLANDER

    The FoxFury SPOTLIGHT

    Autel Robotics EVO II FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Delivery System is the perfect solution to any tactical situation. The FoxFury lighting system is able to produce up to 2200 lumens of intense lighting that can encompass 60 feet at the height of 200 feet. This SPOTLIGHT on can be used to brighten up a location or to disorient with its strobe features. The lighting system can either be angled or be placed facing in a downward trajectory. It can angled at 15 degrees which can provide a tactical advantage any low light situation. The lighting system provides its own cooling, which allows the user to use it without worrying that it may overheat the drone or exert the battery. 


    The light system is able to mount to the Autel EVO 2 thanks to the TacSwan EXOLANDER. The EXOLANDER acts as a exoskeleton chassis that permits many other accessories to be mounted onto the Autel EVO 2 mounting platform. The TacSwan EXOLANDER is able to further provide legs to the drone as well as providing a balanced center of gravity. What makes the TacSwan EXOLANDER so versatile is its ability to be quickly mounted and dismounted from the Autel EVO without the necessity of additional tools. 

    Payload Delivery System

    The Payload Delivery System adds any Autel EVO 2 a tactical advantage when necessary. This system provides any first responders the ability to drop essential items to survivors who are under duress. With the ability to drop small items such as med kits, walkie talkies, bottled water or whatever miniscule necessary items, it proves to be a useful kit in the ever changing world. The payload delivery system is designed to reach and provide a safety line to swimmers caught in a rough wave and it has been tested to pull 400ft of paracord (paracord not included) to swimmers stranded in the ocean. Can transport up to 1 pound of payload.


    • FoxFury SPOTLIGHT
    • TacSwan Exolander
    • Battery Pack
    • 114x 1 1/2 QR Pin w/ Ring
    • Payload delivery unit with cross bar
    • Carabiner with Ring
    • Delivery Bag
  • Compatible
    EVO II Drone


    15 Degree Beam

    Max Battery Life Runtime 
    70 minutes

    Battery Type
    Lithium Ion

    Battery Quantity

    Lumen Output
    2,300 (Steady and Strobe)

    Water and Impact Resistant