SproutsIO Smart Garden

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  • SproutsIO Smart Garden

    Growing your own garden has never been so easy and convenient! SproutsIO developed a high-quality smart garden that relies both on high-tech automated processes and an easy-to-use monitoring app making your phone into a true gardening tool. Thanks to SproutsIO's hybrid hydroculture technology, your plants receive everything they need at each step of their lifecycle.
    The combination of SproutsIO smart technology and their knowledge in organic culture creates the perfect environment to help you grow a wide range of plants such as leefy greens, herbs, fruiting plants or root vegetables.  

    Grow soil-free, SproutsIO proprietary hybrid hydroculture

    There is no soil in the device's basin. It grows soil-free. The automated system relies on water and nutrients that feed your plant hydroponically and/or aeroponically depending on its lifecycle. SproutsIO smart garden offers a tailor-made and adaptive growing system that optimizes your plant's growth.


    Smart and convenient technology 

    Connect your smart garden to your home Wifi and keep an eye on your plant 24 - 7. SproutsIO's sensors, cameras and real-time reports enable you to easily follow the evolution of the plant and the growing environment.
    Monitor your plants from everywhere with SproutsIOGrow mobile app. Its intuitive dashboard makes gardening easy and fun. 

    Join the growing community with the monthly membership

    Activate SproutsIO monthly membership for $29/month and get unlimited access to sIO's (seed refill delivered on-demand). They contain all you need  - organic and non-GMO seeds, media, and nutrients - to enjoy a higher control on what you eat and better food. 

  • 1 x SproutsIO Smart Garden
    1 x Cable 
    1 x Manual

  • Dimension:
    Length: 12"
    Width: 12"
    Height: 24-36" (expandable arm)

    15.0 lb