Robosen K1 Interstellar Blue

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  • Meet K1 Interstellar Blue

    We are proud to say that the K1 Interstellar has a virtually limitless range of programmable motion sequences, thanks to its suite of advanced servo motors at device joints. 3 programming options, voice control ability, and more. 

      Program it!

      Use the K-One mobile app to program your K1 Interstellar Scout and make it walk, talk, show original dance moves, perform martial arts routines, and more... 

      The K1 Interstellar is built with a high-quality mechanical component that gives it superior finishes, you can use 4 different programming options, voice control, pose record playback, block base, and visual 3D programming. You will surely have a great time with it, don't wait for more and order now!

      The more you play the more you learn

      The K1 Interstellar it's also educational, see how easy it is to program your K1 from the K-One app!  Anyone can do it. The app's available for android and iOS.

      • 1 x The K1 Interstellar
        1 x Charging Cable
        1 x User manual

      • Port:
        DC charging port and USB type C

        Aluminium alloy frame ABS + PC shell

        Servo Motor:
        17 servo motors 

        Control Method:
        Mobile app & voice control