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Senstroke Bluetooth Drum Kit + App

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  • Senstroke Bluetooth Drum Kit + App

    Enhance your creativity and improve your drumming skills with Senstroke Bluetooth Drum Kit. Senstroke technology allows you to play wherever you want, whenever you want. Thanks to its connected drumsticks and its incredible sensors, you can play drums on any surface while having the sensation to play with real drums. And of course, this virtual drumkit gives you the opportunity to record all you sessions. 


    Connected and easy-to-use kit

    Before playing, get the Senstroke application for free. The senstroke app is available on ISO, Android and Windows 10. Then, start playing. You just need to launch the app and connect the sensors. Welcome to your virtual music studio ! If you do not want to disturb people around you, just connect the device to your headphones and keep on drumming. 


    Experience the very feeling of playing drums without drum

    Senstroke is the result of years of research and hard-working. With this technology, feel the rebounds, feet's vibration and real drumming sensations whether you are in the street or at home. 


      • Essential Box: 
        2 sensors
        1 pair of drumsticks
        1 foot-strap attachment
        1 practice pad
      • 1 USB charging cable

      • Standard Box:
        4 sensors
        2 foot-straps attachments
        1 drum pedal adapter
        1 USB charging cable

      • Ultimate Box:
      • 4 sensors
        1 pair of drumsticks
        2 foot-straps attachments 
        1 practice pad
        1 USB charging cable
        1 Redison sensor case

  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    Essential Box: 67 x 19 x 24 mm
    Standard Box: 67 x 19 x 24 mm
    Ultimate Box: 67 x 19 x 24 mm

    Essential Box: 19g
    Standard Box: 19g
    Ultimate Box: 19g

    Battery life:
    Essential Box: 12 hours
    Standard Box: 12 hours
    Ultimate Box: 12 hours

    Essential Box: 27M-00013-EN
    Standard Box: 27M-00001-EN
    Ultimate Box: 27M-00011-EN

    Essential Box: 3701256800075
    Standard Box: 3701256800013
    Ultimate Box: 3701256800044