Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover

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  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover

    Mi Robot Builder Rover is a modular coding toy that makes a great STEM educational tool for 10+ years old kids. Easy without being simple, Mi Robot Builder creates a perfect chance to encourage teamwork and collaboration with friends and family. It teaches essential skills in engineering, construction, physics and programming. It is both a toy and a great learning experience all together in the same package.

    Build, Connect, Control! 

    First, build your robot according to the user manual. There are 3 available models : rover, bulldozer, and tank. The former comes printed in the box, the two others are easily found on the app and can be downloaded online. Combine the 1086 blocks including wheels, gears and chains to make your robot come to life!

    Then, download the Mi Robot Builder App and connect to the robot via Bluetooth.

    Finally, command your robot either in joystick control, gyroscope or route control.  The later is based on unique graphic programming that turns complex command codes into intuitive operations from your Android or iOS device. For additional fun, make the most of the 4 USB Type-C ports that not only charge your robot but also support scalable components!


    • 1086 pieces
    • 2 x motors
    • 1 x intelligent brick (processor)
    • 1 x storage box
    • 1 x power adapter
    • 1 x user manual
    • 3 building models (1 printed, 2 downloadable)
  • Dimensions:
    15.0 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches

    4.2 lbs

    Recommended Age:
    10+ years old


    ABS, PC

    CPU: ARM Cortex Mx 32-bit processor group
    Frequency: 108MHz (highest)
    System: 32bit

    Capacity: 32MB
    Type: Flash
    Expandable: No

    Bluetooth 4.0
    2.4G wireless: Yes (connection sensor)
    Wireless Wi-Fi: Yes (Type-C to Wi-Fi adapter support)

    Power supply
    Battery: 11.1V/18.3Wh lithium battery
    Adapter: 14V/5V output, intelligent identification
    Charging Time : 150 minutes
    Input Voltage : 14 V DC
    Input : 1.0 A 

    Interface extension sensor: Yes
    Wireless extension sensor: Yes
    Gyrometer: Built-in

    Rocker remote control: Yes
    Route planning control: Yes
    Gyrometer control: Yes
    Programming control: Yes
    Mobile terminal programming: Yes

    System support
    Android 4.3.0 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher