Segway Ninebot S

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  • Segway Ninebot S 

    The Ninebot S is the last generation of transporters. It really easy to ride and it has a high capacity battery. The best way to go to work everyday or to hang out.

    Wellbots Ninebot S

    Road adaptive

    Thanks to its 10.5" air-filled tires and the 1600 watts of engine power, this Smart transporter can go everywhere you want. The experience will be smooth and comfortable.

    Wellbots Ninebot S

    Ambient-Safety Light
    The Ninebot S has got lights you can settle in order to create the ambiance you want and to ride safely at night.
    Thanks to this, everyone on the road will see you which highly decresase the risk of accident by night.

    Wellbots Ninebot S

    Mobile App
    This Ninebot S works with an App to settle the transporter. For example, the App will help you to learn how to ride safely, to customize the lights or to the speed controls.

    Wellbots Ninebot S

  • 1x Ninebot S Smart balancing transporter
    1x Ninebot S Charger

  • Dimension:

    Body (W x H x D) 548 x 595 x 260 (mm)

    16-50 years

    28 lbs

    Max Speed:
    10 mph

    Beginner Mode:
    Automatically disabled after 1km but you can re-enter it whenever you want.

    Battery Pack:
    Smart BMS

    10.5" air filled



    Return Policy:
    In case of buyer’s remorse, Segway products can only be returned unopened (customer pays for shipping and 15% restocking fees will apply). If your product is defective, please contact Segway Customer Support directly so that they can either troubleshoot your product or replace it if it is deemed defective. Please email or call 1-888-523-5583 with your serial number. Please note we cannot ship Segway products to Hawaii.