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Segway eMoped C80

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  • Segway eMoped C80

    *The Segway eMoped C80 is a moped-style electric bike. No license is required in most states in the US. Please refer to local laws and regulations for license requirements. Here is another great resource to check out local laws and regulations.

    With a top speed of 20 mph and a 52.8 miles range, the compact and lightweight Segway eMoped C80 will allow you to move around easily while respecting the environment (3,986 lbs reduction in carbon footprint).

    Main features:

    • RideyGo! Intelligent System
    • Auto-Lock Mode
    • AirLock System
    • Smart Seat Detection
    • Frnt Shock Absorption
    • Speeds up to 20 mph
    • 47-52.8 miles range
    • 165-220 lbs (75-100 kg) payload
    • Segwat-Ninebot Mobile App
    • NFC Swipe to Unlock
    • Dual Braking System



    A truly intelligent transportation device

    The Segway eMoped C80 features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which brings an array of new functions such as the Airlock System, NFC Tag, Smart Seat Detection, and Auto-Lock Mode. It also comes with four built-in, anti-theft mechanisms when parked and locked, giving you peace of mind where you are.

    Aided by GPS, you can track the eMoped C80 at any time and have notifications sent directly to your phone. The eMoped C80’s smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications to your smartphone within seconds to give you peace of mind. After your C80 is locked, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system.


    Compact, Lightweight, Functional

    Weighing less than 121 lbs, the eMoped is less than 5.3 ft which can be easily taken into elevators or to your storage. While the eMoped is delivering a worry-free experience, all you need is to hop on and start your day.

    With Auto Cruise you can take a break and enjoy your adventure. Simply press the multi-functional button and select your desired speed. Your eMoped C80 will remain at a constant speed without you having to hold on to the handlebar at all times.

    With its Intuitive design that requires zero learning curve, the two buttons are all you need to manage your eMoped.

    The electric bike is equipped with premium features on the front disc and rear drum brakes to ensure your safety during sudden halts and elevate your riding experience.

    Dynamic as it looks, the outstanding two-stage central shock absorber is ready to tackle the bumps on your way and deliver a smooth ride.

    • 1 x Segway eMoped C80
    • 1 Limited Warranty
    • 1 x User manual
    • 1 x Quick start guide
    • 1 x Charger
    • Rear view mirrors
    • 2 x Spare keys
    • 2 x NFC cards
    • 1 x Disclaimer card
  • Warranty:
    1-year limited warranty

    Approx. 62.6”×28.3”×40.0” (1589×720×1016mm)

    Max speed: 
    Approx. 20 mph (32km/h)

    Typicaly range:
    Approx. 47-52 miles (75km)

    Battery Type:
    Lithium-Ion battery

    Rated Capacity:
    24 Ah

    165-220 lbs (75-100 kg)

    Return Policy:
    In case of buyer’s remorse, Segway products can only be returned unopened (customer pays for shipping and 15% restocking fees will apply). If your product is defective, please contact Segway Customer Support directly so that they can either troubleshoot your product or replace it if it is deemed defective. Please email technicalsupport@segway.com or call 1-888-523-5583 with your serial number. Please note we cannot ship Segway products to Hawaii.