HamiltonBuhl ChronoQuest 3D Interactive, Augmented Reality Timeline

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  • ChronoQuest 3D Interactive, Augmented Reality Timeline

    Created by technologists, informed by educators, ChronoQuest™ uses Augmented Reality to shed exciting new light on history. Century-by-century, students quest through time learning about, even adding to, history’s past.

    ChronoQuest™ Timelines are pre-programmed and regularly updated with content from six subjects for immediate fun, active, and participation learning.

    Use AR to Make Your Classroom Fun and Exciting

    All you need is the FREE ChronoQuest™ app available both for iOS and Android devices. Once the ChronoQuest™ app is on your handheld device, simply aim it anywhere on the timeline to see “CHRONOS” pop out at you. Interact with CHRONOS by tapping to visit a web link, or double tap to watch a related video!

    With the available curriculum guides and lesson plans from ChronoQuest™, teachers will easily engage students in a new way of learning from Literature to Science and everything in between.

    Great User Experience

    Along with the pre-programmed content, ChronoQuest™ is specially-developed to let teachers and students customize and add Augmented Reality CHRONOS content to the timeline! With step-by-step instructions students and teachers are shown how they can code new content and make history!

    ChronoQuest™ makes all subjects more fun and engaging to learn. It's a great project based learning tool. With one timeline, teachers can create limitless quests in Humanities, Literature, Science, Civics, Political History, Technology, Arts - any subject!

    It’s simple to MAKE HISTORY with ChronoQuest™!

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