RobotLab Google Expeditions AR/VR Standard (20 pack)

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  • RobotLab Google Expeditions AR/VR Standard (20 pack)

    This awesome kit includes 20 student augmented / virtual reality devices preloaded with the Google Expeditions, and Cardboard Camera applications. Let us introduce you to new way of teaching your students thanks to AR and VR. 

    You will no longer be limited by the space of your classroom. Thanks to AR and VR, your teaching space has just become unlimited. By using your teacher tablet, you can bring your unreal concepts to life and visit the world from the Eiffel Tower to the great wall of china without leaving your school. 

    This RobotLab devices are 100% compatible with Google Expeditions applications. Your can bring your students into virtual trips in the space, underwater or in the most famous museums. Moreover, the AR mode will allow to bring virtual concept to life, you can for example make a human skeleton appear in the middle of your class to teach anatomy. 

  • - 20 devices
    - Device chargers
    - Selfie sticks
    - 1 teacher tablet 
    - 1 WiFi router
    - 1 Transport case
    - 1-hour introductory Online training 
    - RobotLab White Gloves service

  • Product ships in 2 boxes (1 kit contains 10 devices)


    25x12x19 inches

    6.6 x 3.9 x 4 inches


    Device: 8.5 ounces
    Kit: 30 lbs

    Based on the phone