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Jamstik GT Smart Guitar Trainer

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Add Case & Add-On Body - Bundle Edition

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  • Jamstik GT Smart Guitar Trainer

    Learn to play the guitar anywhere and anytime with the Jamstik GT Smart Guitar Instruction Tool. With the Jamstik GT you can learn your first chords in a matter of minutes. The product comes with apps and software that teach you in the most efficient way possible. Jamstik GT is the only smart guitar system that allows you to see real-time feedback on the screen of your computer or smartphone.

     Jamstik GT Smart Guitar Instruction Tool


    All in one: Guitar Trainer and Music Creation Tool

    Jamstik GT is not only a learning tool for beginners. It is also a class-compliant MIDI controller that allows you to play any sound or instrument on MIDI enabled notation and music composition software. Jamstik GT is compatible with endless pieces of music software such as GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and more.

    Includes Free Jamstik Learning Portal

    With Jamstik GT you can unrestricted access to the Jamstik Portal. The Jamstik portal is specially designed to teach complete beginners the basics of playing the guitar. It features interactive lessons and AI generated exercises to help you improve the areas where you need extra practice. The software is completely free and will take you from being a complete beginner to being able to play full songs with arcade-style feedback.

    Jamstik GT Smart Guitar Instruction Tool

    Product Features

    - Extremely Portable: At just over 18 inches the Jamstik GT is compact enough to take it wherever you go to practice your guitar skills. 

    - Real Strings:  Jamstik GT has real strings by D'Addario. The stings are dampened so they don't make noise or ring out when you play. Unlike traditional guitars no tuning is required.

    - Built-in Bluetooth: Simply connect Jamstik GT to your phone or computer and start playing. No wires required!

    - Free Jamstik Learning Portal: Enjoy interactive lessons and AI generated exercises to help you improve your guitar skills.


    • 1 Jamstik GT
    • 4 AA Batteries 
    • Bundled Jamstik Creator software for Mac or PC
    • Guitar Cable
    • Strap Locks
    • Allen Keys
    • Manual, & Guitar Pick

      Bundle Edition includes 4 AA Batteries, Guitar Strap, Strap Pegs, 2 Guitar Picks, & Allen Key for tightening strings. The bundled version also includes an add-on body for improved ergonomic support and a padded travel case. 

  • Length:

    Battery Life:
    up to 72 hours

    Bluetooth 4.0

    Operating System Requirements:
    iOS 9.0 or above
    OSX 10.10 or above
    Windows 10 (with Bluetooth 4.0 and Intel Dual Core i5 2.5 GHz)

    1 Year

    Jamstik GT