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DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Call for price: 646-741-2067
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DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Call for price: 646-741-2067Free Shipping  
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22.00 LBS
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Product Description

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

DJI is the manufacturer of world’s most finest professional and consumer drones and Matrice 600 Pro is one of them, it has an elegant design, modern technology and is up to the task for all of your professional goals. Matrice 600 Pro or precisely M600 Pro is the most improved tool with a better flight performance and enhanced landing. The setup time has been significantly reduced in new M600 Pro with the help of built-in arms and antennas, whereas, the modular design of the drone makes the launching of added modules convenient. In addition, the airframe is furnished with the latest technology brought to the table by DJI, comprised of A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission, Artificially Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. M600 Pro is a perfect piece of perfection for professionals and ideal for aerial photography.


A3 Pro Flight Controller

It is the latest technique that is installed in the drone which does not only help in the accurate control of the aircraft but also has automatically functioning systems that have the ability to adjust flight parameters on the basis of contrasting payloads. The drone is compatible to resist against magnetic intrusion and provide accuracy of the levels.


Easy launching & control

DJI’s M600 Pro is easiest to set up and gets ready to take flight in a matter of minutes, and the airframe has been made in compliance quick release gearing interface and folding arms. It has a reliable cover that minimizes the aftereffects of shakes or even falls, providing full-time protection.


Six batteries charging at one time

The new M600 Pro comes with six charging hubs which allows the charging of six batteries at the same time and all the batteries get fully charged very quickly.


Aircraft, extended range and flight time

The M600 Pro has 1133mm diagonal wheelbase and enables a takeoff weight of 15.5kg with the maximum speed of 65kph without wind. It has hovering time of 32 to 38 minutes without payload and with 5kg payload, the hovering time shrinks to 16 to 18 minutes with ideal flight temperature ranging from -10° to 40° C. 


Battery management system

At one end, it charges six batteries simultaneously, which means if one of the batteries is dead or turned off, other will take charge. While on the other hand, the rechargeable battery is built with intelligence technology having the capacity of 4500 to 5700 mAh. While the battery management system also facilitates in secure landing in case of single battery failure.



This very drone has multiple camera ability and supports several sorts of DJI Gimbals and latest cameras including, Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse X3 or XT, DJI focus, etc. Whereas, the dustproof pressure or propulsion make the maintenance simpler and cooling motor makes the working smooth for a long run.



The Matrice 600 Pro is compatible with all the DJI apps which means that the insights of battery status, HD view, redundancy status, transmission power and even more can be looked after very swiftly.



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