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DJI Spark Mini Drone with Controller

  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone
  • Wellbots - DJI Spark Mini Drone


DJI Spark Mini Drone with Controller

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Product Description


DJI Spark Mini Drone

Drone technology has totally changed the perspectives of the world with respect of ease of doing complicated tasks. The drone technology has become fairly popular and currently being used in many ways as an alternative for many people. For example, several pizza takeaway companies have started to deliver pizza through the drone and that’s not all, courier companies are also looking to utilize the same technology for delivering the parcels instead of hiring work force. DJI is the company which is manufacturer of world’s most finest professional and consumer drones. Spark by DJI is one of them, it has a sophisticated design, latest technology and serves all of your amateur or consumer based purposes.


Easy to use & control

DJI Spark has a unique feature: it is not controlled by remote or mobile device, rather you can operate it with gesture of hands and take many photos from an aerial angle with finger tips. DJI Spark’s intelligence interface feature and simple controls enable the user to capture videos conveniently only with few taps.


Secure & swift launch

The drone has built in FaceAware technology, which means that once you place it on your hand, it lifts off after detecting your face and takes the flight within few seconds of switching on. Face detection technology has definitely made the drone very secure and safe.


DJI GO 4 App

This is another built in feature of the DJI spark which has tailor made templates and variety of filters in order to customize and edit your photos and videos, so that you can use them for any occasions.



DJI Spark has a 12 megapixels camera for photos and 1920*1080p high definition videos capturing ability which is even better than a typical smartphone. It has highly technical lenses and supports different formats for photos and videos, like jpeg, mp4 etc. The Spark comes with a camera setting called “ShallowFocus” that hides out the untidy or unwanted background behind your subject which is similar to iPhone 7 plus’ technology.




The Spark supports a takeoff weight of 300g with maximum speed of 50kph without wind. It has maximum flight time of 16 minutes and hovering time of 15 minutes and good to go withing the temperature ranging from 0° to 40° C. The drone works well with DJI Goggles headwear to fly with a view of first person from the aircraft.



WI-FI, intelligent battery & Micro SD card

The DJI Spark has the compatibility to support WI-FI so that it can be operated with the help of internet, other than that, the rechargeable battery is built with artificial intelligence technology with capacity of 1480 mAh. The storage capacity can also be extended by installing an additional SD card and SD cards from various companies are supported.



3D Sensing System

The 3D sensing system in the Spark helps to identify the obstacle from the distance of 1-16 feet and it can also detect diffuse reflective surfaces which are larger than 20*20cm. The Spark has a “Return to Home” button which can be tapped once the drone is landed and will take it back to the departure point.


What's in the Box



You can also find the Spark User Manual here.


Product Videos

What's In The Box