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ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner

$299.00 $240.00
(You save $59.00)
  • ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner (W830)
  • ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner (W830)
  • ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner (W830)

ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner

$299.00 $240.00Free Shipping  
(You save $59.00)
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7.50 LBS
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Product Description

ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner

The ECOVACS Winbot W830 Robotic Window Cleaner was made to clean all type of windows, glass, mirrors, doors whether they are framed or unframed. The Winbot W830 will automatically stick to the window and clean the inside and outside as well. Regardless of the thickness of the glass, the Winbot W830 will do a perfect job, even on Thermopane. The Winbot W830 is able to clean both vertically and horizontally.

The Winbot W830 will clean all areas, even the ones you cannot access. Perfect for high windows, the W830 comes with a remote control that will allow you to control the Winbot remotely.

Interested in the latest version of the Winbot? See the W930 and the W930 Full Package. You will also enjoy a 1 year warranty on this ECOVACS product.


WellBots_ECOVACS_Winbot_W830_Automatic_Window_CleanerECOVACS Winbot W830 Automatic Window Cleaner


ECOVACS Winbot W830 Cleaning Process

1. Spray the front cleaning pad with the Winbot Professional cleaning solution included in the package

2. Press the ON button

3. Set WINBOT on the glass

4. Press START

And that's it! WINBOT will take care of everything without your help. It will evaluate the glass, complete the cleaning process and come back to its starting point.


 wellbots-w830-4-.jpgECOVACS Winbot W830 Automatic Window Cleaner


Cleans all types of windows

The Winbot W830 can operate on all types of windows: frame or frameless ones, inside or outside and even mirrors, doors or similar surfaces. The Winbot W830 is capable of cleaning areas you cannot access, such as tall or hard to reach windows. When you want the Winbot W830 to start cleaning, all you have to do is place the robot on the surface and press start, either on the robot or on the remote control.

Thanks to its sensors, this smart robot will automatically determine the size and material of the window and find the most effective way to clean. Once it has finished cleaning, the Ecovacs Winbot W830 will return to its starting point. The sensors will also allow the W830 to avoid obstacles such as window latches, handles or other obstacles that might be on its way. Therefore, the W830 will leave the surface clean without leaving any damage behind.

No need to use paper towels, the W830 is eco-friendly and its pads are reusable and washable. The pads effectively absorb and remove all dust and dirt.


ECOVACS Winbot W830 Automatic Window Cleaner 


How does it remain on the glass?

The Ecovacs Winbot W830 is equipped with different levels of safety protection. The cupule located under the Winbot W830 has dual suction rings that keep the WINBOT on the window by forming a vacuum barrier. The motor reinforces this vacuum barrier and allows the W830 to navigate on the window as well. In case the power goes out, the Winbot W830 will not fall: the back-up battery will continue to power the motor and maintain the W830 on your window.

Finally, every Winbot comes with a safety pod & tether. They can be attached to the window and Winbot W830.


 ECOVACS Winbot W830 Automatic Window Cleaner


How to take care of your Winbot

It is recommended to use the Ecovacs cleaning solution provided with the W830. Use of Windex, vinegar, ammonia or any other liquid may affect the cleaning effectiveness of the winbot and will void the warranty.

The pads may be washed in the washing machine and placed in the dryer in low heat.

Finally, it is not recommended to use Winbot W830 on film windows as this could void the manufacturer's warranty.

The W830 must be plugged in during the entire cleaning process. The battery back-up is just in case the power goes out.

User Manual

ECOVACS Winbot W830 user manual

What's In The Box