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360 S7 LiDAR Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

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  • 360 S7 LiDAR Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

    Do you need a powerful two-in-one Robot Vacuum Cleaner ?  With the 360 S7, you can enjoy a home made effortlessly clean.

    This Robot Vacuum cleaner offers many convenience features and dual services – vacuuming plus mopping. And it automatically switches to mopping mode after installing the water tank, switch back to sweeping when the tank is removed.

    Further, this robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of advancements in terms of navigation and performance, but its greatest accomplishment is the mopping feature. 
    The many sensors, LDS lidar, and SLAM algorithms combinedly achieve more accurate and efficient cleaning. 

    Your Robot  identifies areas it should keep away from and you can define zoned cleaning or No-go Zones, and No-mop Zones.
    When you want the robot to go to a certain area, you can draw a rectangle on a map, and the S7 will clean within it. 

    And thanks to the powerful 2000Pa suction power, the 360 S7 can remove all debris and when the robot steps on a carpet, it boosts up suction power to provide maximum cleaning performance.


    Smart navigation & Anti-collision
    2650Pa strong suction power
    120 minutes work time
    Smartphone App control: no-go zone etc.
    Ambiente noise whispering
    Powerful obstable climbing
    Automatic suction power adjustment based on floor type
    Up to 10 maps local storage
    Amazon Alexa, Google assistant support
    OTA  Firmware update – the longer, the smarter

  • A Smart Navigation with Home Mapping

    Thanks to a high precision LDS LiDAR navigation system and SLAM algorithm , your 360 S7 can draw accurate maps and cleaning routes to ensure high coverage and high efficiency.
    With  the intelligent zoning feature, the 360 S7 can automatically divide the map of your house in to separate rooms that you can name later in the app ("kitchen", "bedroom", etc.).

    The LiDAR scanning recognizes different levels of a home automatically. 
    Every floor can have independent No-go Zones, Invisible Walls, and No-mop Zones and you can configure specific areas to be cleaned at different times.

    Anti-collision sensors allow the Robot vacuum to clean and mop the floor around the furniture and  objects on the floor.


    A powerful suction power 

    Thanks to strong suction, good climbing ability, and carpet boost, the 360 S7 perform great on carpets.  When the robot steps on the carpet, it boosts up suction power to provide maximum cleaning performance. Once it reaches a hard floor, it returns to standard power suction settings.

    With big wheels and good clearance, the S7 climbs up to 20 mm high thresholds. This means the robot is suitable for thin and thick carpets that are no thicker than 20 mm. . Because of the water tank, the 360 is perfect for bare flooring.

    The battery capacity is 3,200 mAh and provides up to 120 minutes of runtime, which is equivalent to an about 150 square meter area.

    A convenient App

    When the 360 S7 robot vacuum creates a map, it saves it in memory to recognize its location the next time.
    It stores up to 10 different floor plans and is ideal for multiple-level homes. When the map is created, you can divide it into separate areas to make the robot work within a kitchen or living room the next time.
     In the app, you can schedule the device, make it work at a specific time, switch between cleaning modes, etc.

    Main Features

    • LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm, smarter and more efficient cleaning routes planning
    • Set sweeping and mopping off-limited areas via APP
    • Voice control through Alexa, easy to interact with your robot vacuum cleaner
    • Easy sweeping and mopping switch
    •  Smart water tank, water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad, and stops when the cleaning stops, leaves no water stains on your floor
    • Intelligent room identification
    • 3 cleaning modes: quiet, automatic, max, max 2000Pa suction, max 65dB noise
    • Carpet recognization
    • Self-adjusted main brush to handle uneven surfaces with more flexible
    • Automatically recharge and resume, go back to recharge when power is lower than 20 percent
    • Memory cleaning area to ensure efficient cleaning of large house
    • Control panel button light color

    • 1 x Floor Mopping Robot,
      1 x Side Brush
      1 x Rag
      1 x EPA
       1 x Cleaning Brush
      1 x Charging Stand
      5 x Charging Adapter,
      1 x Water Tank,
      1 x English Manual

  • Warranty: 1-Year

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.94 inches

    8.37 lbs

    Feature: Remote Control

    Remote Control:

    LCD Display:

    Schedule Function:

    Self Recharging:

    Virtual Wall:

    Climb Capability:

    Cleaning Modes:
    Slam planning

    Cleaning Area (sq.m.
    ): 80 -100m2

    Floor Types:
    Carpet,Ceramic Tile,Marble Floor,Shag Carpet,Tile Floor,Wood Floor

    Dust Box Capacity
    : 570ml

    Water Tank Capacity:

    Noise (dB):

    Power (W):

    Charging Time:
    3 hours

    Working Time:
    The automatic mode is about 80 - 120 minutes

    Working Temperature:
    10 to 45 Degrees Celsius

    Working Humidity
    : 20 - 90 percent