Adurosmart ZigBee Dimming remote/switch

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  • Adurosmart ZigBee Dimming remote/switch

    Convenient way to control your lights

    Control your Zigbee wireless lights anywhere in your home without having to go around your house. You can save tons of energy simply by reducing your lights’ dimness, resulting in reduced electric consumption and prolonged light bulb’s life span! U
    sing your AduroSmart hub, you can unlock the full potential of your ERIA products.

    Compatible with ERIA wireless controlled lights, outlets, and hubs.

    Save Energy & Costs long term

    Imagine being able to prolong your light fixture’s life and save tons of energy and lower your electricity bills simply by dimming your lights!

    Effortless Wireless Functionality

    The AduroSmart Zigbee remote allows you to control your lights anywhere up to 90 feet in your home.

    Seamless dimming & switching

    No need to go all over your house only to switch them on/off or dim them. Control your lighting while watching Netflix or doing something from your bedroom.

    Enjoy the mood & ambiance 

    Need to read at night? Or working late? Dim your light and change the warmth with your switch remote.

    Super easy to install

    Enjoy fast installation without professional help! It comes wireless, making it super easy to install.

    • 1 x Adurosmart ZigBee Dimming remote/switch

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