Aeris Aair Medical Pro Commercial Grade Air Purifier


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  • Aeris Aair Medical Pro Commercial Grade Air Purifier

    The Aeris Aair Medical Pro is Aeris's highest grade air purifier. It features a hospital grade HEPA 13 filter that captures microparticles down to .1 micrometer. The air purifier is perfect for commercial usage and rooms that require the cleanest air possible. Aeris Aair Medical Pro is designed for rooms of 540 square feet and beyond. 

    The Aeris Aair Pro comes with a 2-years manufacturer warranty. 

    Aeris Aair Medical Pro Hospital Grade Air Purifier 

    Smart Air Quality Tracking

    The Aeris Aair Medical Pro is both, air purifier and air quality sensor, in one. Use the Aeris app to monitor your air quality over time, and let Aeris learn your behavior. The air purifier is equipped with artificial intelligence. The longer you own it, the better it runs. For example, it will automatically turn itself on or off, or put itself in sleep mode.

    The smart features include:

    • Advanced sensors: Monitor PM2.5, CO, NO2 levels and more. 
    • Artificial Intelligence: The Aeris Aair Medical Pro will learn when to turn itself on or off based on your behavior.
    • Smartphone Notifications: Get push notifications for sudden air quality surges in your home. 
    • App Controlled: Check your filter status, get air quality updates and adjust your settings from anywhere with the easy-to-use Aeris app.
    • Smart Mode: Aeris Aair Medical Pro selects the appropriate mode automatically based on indoor air quality .


    Aeris Aair Pro Life 

    Product Features 

    • Made in Switzerland
    • H13 HEPA filter for hospital grade air filtration
    • 1-Year filter life
    • Air quality sensors track PM2.5, CO, NO2, and more
    • Learns your behavior and automatically turns itself on and off


    • 1 Aeris Aair Medical Pro Air Purifier
    • 1 Pre-Filter
    • 1 Medical Pro Filter Cartridge
    • 1 Inlet Magnetic Filter
    • 1 Owner's Manual
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    15 x 23 x 14 in

    35 lb

    Recommended Room Size:
    540 square feet and beyond

    Clean Air Delivery Rate:

    Filter Type:
    HEPA H13

    Wireless Connectivity:

    Number of Fan Speeds:

    Quiet Mode:

    2-year Manufacturer's warranty