Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower

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  • Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower

    The Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a robot lawn mower that works without perimeter wire. Thanks to its built-in obstacle sensors, the L60 Elite requires no prior set up! Simply press the start button on the robot, or use the Ambrogio app, and the L60 Elite will get to work. The end result is a beautifully trimmed lawn!

    Features Include:

    • Built-in keypad
    • Obstacle sensors and bumper
    • 3 hours continuous cutting


    Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn Mower


    Smart Features

    Bluetooth capable

    Transferring software updates from your phone or tablet to your robot has never been easier before! The Ambrogio L60 Elite features a built-in Bluetooth receiver that allows you to manage your robot and install new features completely remotely.

    Smart Navigation Sensors

    No perimeter wire needed! The Ambrogio L60 Elite uses special sensors to navigate around your yard. Thanks to its obstacle sensor on the front it knows exactly where to mow your lawn. And with a special grass sensor (ZCM Sensor) the robot detects holes and empty spaces, allowing it to navigate around your yard without the need of a perimeter wire.

    Choosing The Right Robot

    Model L60 Elite L60 Elite S+
    Maximum Cutting Surface (acres) 0.05 0.10
    Avg. Working Time (hours) 02:00 03:00
    Cutting Width (inches) 9.8
    Cutting Height (inches) 1.7  - 1.9 1.7  - 1.9
    Max. Permissible Slope (degrees) 26  26
    Recharge Mode
    Manual Manual
    Power Sound db(A) 65 65
    Level of Protection IPx4 IPx4



    • 1 Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    17.3 x 14.2 x 7.9 in

    18.3 lb

    Battery Life:
    3 hours

    Max. Permissible Slope:

    Max. Slope:

    Recharge Mode:

    Blade Type:
    4 Point Star Blade

    Cutting Width:
    9.8 in

    Cutting Height:
    1.7 – 1.9 in

    Eco Mode:

    Max. Managed Areas:

    Rain Sensor:

    1-year Manufacturer's Warranty