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Antop Antenna Big Boy Flat-Panel Smartpass-Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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Antop Antenna Big Boy Flat-Panel Smartpass

Cut the cord, watch FREE local TV with the AT-402BV Big Boy Outdoor HDTV Smartpass Amplified Antenna, a whole-house solution from ANTOP! The AT-402BV is powerful enough to feed multiple TVs and is engineered with a patented design to match the performance of traditional mechanical antennas.

The AT-402BV includes VHF enhancer rods, the exclusive ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier, and a 4G LTE Filter. The AT-402BV features an amplified signal reception range of up to 75 miles and multi-directional reception to receive free local over-the-air digital TV signals from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Univision, and others. It supports HDTV, 1080P TV, 4K Ultra, and is compatible with digital converter boxes.


  • Reception range up to 75 miles
  • Multidirectional reception for weak signal strength areas
  • Sleek digital tech design matches gain of bulky and awkward mechanical antennas
  • Enhancer rods strengthen VHF reception
  • 4G LTE filter blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals
  • UV coating with weather-resistant finish
  • Can feed multiple TVs for a whole-house solution
  • Easy home exterior installation on wall, roof, or balcony or indoors on the table top
  • Dimensions: 23.82 in. x 5.12 in. x 4.53 in.
  • Includes power inserter with smart switch, AC/DC power adapter, VHF enhanced rods, indoor stand, 40 ft. coaxial cable, pole mounting kits, and English and Spanish user manuals


6.0500 POUND
40.0000 FEET
Coaxial, HDMI
Indoor, Outdoor
DC Power Supply
75.0000 MILE
6.0400 POUND
 The product does not require a battery