APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #123

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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #123

The APC by Schneider Electric Replacement Battery Cartridge #123 fits selected APC Smart-UPS and Back-UPS models, restoring power backup capacity for home offices, small businesses, and IT departments.

This replacement battery cartridge has a lifetime of 3 to 5 years, offers safe and reliable support to the UPS, and extends the useful life of your UPS. It comes fully assembled and includes easy-to-follow replacement instructions, making hot-swap installation simple.


  • For UPS at home and small businesses supporting computers and network systems
  • Guaranteed compatibility with APC UPS devices
  • Reliable for power spikes and outages
  • Easy hot-swap installation without downtime
  • Spill-free and uses recycled lead
  • UL listed


 11.4000 POUND
 9.2000 INCH
 3.0000 YEAR
 Spill Proof
 3.0000 INCH
 8.0000 INCH
 11.4600 POUND
 6.0000 INCH
 Product is a Battery
 Other/Product Specific
 Lead Acid (Non-Spillable)