Ariel by Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

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  • Ariel by Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

    NOTE: This is a pre-order, and pre-orders for this product can take up to 6 weeks or longer to ship from the time of your order. 

    Ariel by Solar Breeze is the latest evolution from a series of pool cleaning devices from Solar Breeze as it combines solar energy and Ariel's technology to present a stable, robust and functional pool cleaner. A future focussed pool cleaner, Ariel by Solar breeze operates at a very low power requirement making sure your pool stays clean and clear with minimum human interference. 

    Better for the Planet, Better for the Wallet

    The Ariel can operate at least 10 hours after fully charged without exposure to sun. Given pool pump being one of the largest electricity consumer in most homes, Ariel's solar capabilities represent Solar Breeze vision of future world. Using Ariel you'll be saving 60% of electricity consumed by pool pumps and saving hundreds of dollars alongside.

    Whatever Comes, It Floats

    The Ariel's buoyant design and robust features makes it a functional and durable pool partner. Ariel's 10-20 ft per minute pace is enough for your pool to get consistently cleaned without damaging itself through physical impacts. Moreover the Ariel by Solar Breeze is equipped with obstruction detecting sensor to avoid it getting damaged from impact. Ariel's robust nature is further explained by its salinity tolerance of 6500 ppm and temperature operating range of 40° to 130° F.

  • 1x Ariel Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer
    1-year limited warranty
  • Battery:
    1 Li-ion Battery included

    Package Dimensions:
    18 x 20 x 7 in

    8.6 lbs