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  • Aspara Seed Kits

    Your Aspara Smart Grower works with seed capsules!
    No mess, you just need to plugg the capsules into the specialty grow tray. It’s very simple! Each seed kit is composed of eight seed capsules and the nutrients needed to grow your plants.
    The seeds are non-GMO and/or organic. The seed basket is biodegradable and the germination is guaranteed.
    Choose among 18 kind of seeds kits:

    - L
    eafy vegetable seeds like green lettuce, rocket, kale and many more
    Harvest is in 3-5 weeks

    - Herb seeds like sweet basil, coriander
    Harvest is in 3-5 weeks

    - Root and fruit seeds like radish, Cherry tomato, pansy
    Harvest is in 3-8 weeks




    • -8 seed capsules per kit
      -Nutrients needed for your plants.

  • Capsules designed for Aspara Smart Grower