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  • Aspara - Smart Grower

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    Have you ever thought about having a miniaturized and smart farm system at home to grow healthy vegetables and herbs all year round? 

    With The Aspara smart grower, it is possible thanks to the Hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without chemicals nor pesticides, using only 10% of the water that would be used in typical farming methods and allowing 25-30% faster growth.

    The smart garden uses a combination of LED grow lights, automatic watering and advanced sensors to provide the correct nutrients and lighting for your vegetables to grow.

    A smartphone application is also available to manage your smart farm.

    Thus, you will get a unique selection of plants for cooking and produce healthy and fresh vegetables from your kitchen worktop, as if you had a garden. It is very easy for anyone, no matter your gardening experience level.


    Key features of your smart garden

    Your smart grower uses a combination of smart features:
    - LED grow lights: providing a full spectrum of intensity following the different growth stages of the plants. It replicates nature with sunrise and sunset scenery.

    - An automatic watering system: with a removable reservoir, it 
    automatically waters your seeds and plants based on their nutrient levels.

    - Advanced sensors: over 10 sensors with automatic control system to monitor, growth conditions. They adjust lighting, water flow and planting modes based on your plants needs.

    16 planting spaces for harvest more and faster.

    - Seed capsules with 
    100% germination guarantee.



    A convenient smartphone application

    The Aspara mobile app will extend the growing experience; it tracks everything regarding your plant’s activities and condition.
    Thanks to the app, you could:
    Record dates through the Aspara calendar
    Control Asparas lighting times
    - Receive
     tips for growing, nutritional, information and recipes
    - Take photo and create time lapse videos for your plant
    - Manage the growth status and conditions
    - Monitor and control more than one Aspara if you want

    But the Aspara application does so much more !
    It is a community platform for support, as well as a space to share your plant’s growth with the Aspara community who share the same passion.


    A large variety of seeds

    The smart garden works with seeds capsules; no mess, you just need to plug the capsules into the specialty grow tray. It’s very simple!
    You have the choice among l
    eafy vegetable seeds, herb seeds and root and fruit seeds. 
    Discover on our website our seed kits selection.


    • 1 Aspara Smart Grower
    • 1 quick start guide
    • 1 year warranty

  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    (H 14.4" x W 21" x D 13.1"

    19.84 pounds

    Operating Voltage:
    AC 110 - 240V 50/60Hz

    40W Average (60W max)

    Grow light spectra: 440nm and 600nm Patent pending adjustable LED grow light

    Water Capacity:
    0.79 gallons

    10 Sensors:
    Light Sensor
    Nutrient Sensor
    Water Temperature Sensor
    Sensor for tank in position
    Sensor for grow tray in position
    Control Panel Touch Sensor
    Air Temperature Sensor
    Humidity Sensor