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AUSTIN Air Standard Bedroom Machine

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    A Clinically Proven, Medical Grade Air Purifier

    The Austin Air Standard Bedroom Machine is designed specifically for those people who are suffering from different sleep-related problems.
    You might not see it but there are tons of airborne pollutants in our home. This effectively removes dangerous pollutants and keeps your bedroom absolutely clean to give you the best night’s sleep that you so well deserve, after a long day of work.

    Having a powerful and efficient air purifiers has become a key point when it comes to health benefits. It reduces the viral load in the air minimizing the risk of infection or respiratory disease and strengthening your immune system. The medical grade HEPA filter removes 95% of airborne viruses or micro bacteria and therefore has a positive impact on asthma, coughing, allergies and even sounder sleep! 

    Main Features


    Air purifiers use granulated activated carbon pellets in the filters to be highly effective at removing dangerous chemicals in the air. But what makes Austin Air stand out is we use an even more powerful form of chemical absorption--and that is the activated carbon cloth.
    It is more absorbent than the standard granulated carbon filters, giving you a 100% clean room free from any allergens and chemicals.


    We use a comprehensive 5 stages of filtration:
    ● STAGE 1 – Large Particle Pre-filter. Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye (e.g. dust,
    hair, and pet dander)
    ● STAGE 2 – Medium Particle Pre-filter. Removes small to medium size particles (e.g. molds,
    spores, and pollen)
    ● STAGE 3 – Over 780 cubic inches of Activated Carbon and Zeolite Removes chemicals, gases, and
    ● STAGE 4 – 60 sq. ft. of True Medical Grade HEPA. Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3
    microns and 95% of all particles larger than 0.1 microns.
    ● STAGE 5 – Military-Grade HEGA Carbon Cloth. HEGA (High-Efficiency Gas Arrestance), providing an extremely large surface area for the absorption of chemicals, gases, viruses, and bacteria


    The cleaner has a main rolling brush, side brush, drop sensors, and path tracking sensor at the bottom.


    This filter reduces the viral load in the air, minimizing the risk of infection or severity of the disease so you can be assured of a healthier, more strengthened immune system.
    Clean air also means a much peaceful, uninterrupted, and better quality of sleep. No more night-time allergies, asthma attacks, coughing, or sneezing!

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you're not completely thrilled with your new air cleaner, we provide a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee

    5-year warranty on motor, electric parts, and filter.

    Color Options: Available in your choice of sandstone or black.


    • 1 x AUSTIN Air Standard Bedroom Machine
    • 1 x Owner's Manual
    • 1 x Manufacturer's Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty

    Room Size (based on 4 Air Changes per Hour) 750 sq. ft.
    Recommended For
    • Sandstone, Black: Allergies, Asthma, General Air Quality, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Odor & Chemical, Smoke, Virus & Bacteria, Mold
    • White, Midnight Blue: Allergies, Asthma, General Air Quality, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Odor & Chemical, Smoke, Mold
    Best Fit Ideal for allergy-, asthma-, and multiple chemical sensitivity-sufferers as well as removing heavy odors, chemicals, and smoke
    Height 23 in.
    Width 14.5 in.
    Depth 14.5 in.
    Weight 47 lbs.
    Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM) 250 CFM
    Energy Star No
    Number of Fan Speeds 3
    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size 1500 sq. ft.
    Filtration System Carbon Filter, 15 lbs. activated carbon and zeolite, HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Large particle pre-filter
    Pre-Filter Type Large particle pre-filter
    HEPA Filter Type 60 sq. ft. of true medical-grade HEPA
    Ozone Emission None
    Number of Filters to Change 1
    Pre-Filter Replacement 60 Months
    HEPA Filter Replacement 60 Months
    Carbon Filter Replacement 60 Months
    Amount of Carbon 15 lbs. activated carbon and zeolite
    Filter Change Indicator No
    Controls Manual
    Remote Control No
    Programmable Timer No
    Color Tan, White, Black, Blue
    Casters Yes
    Maximum Noise Level 67 dB
    Amperage 1.1 Amps
    Maximum Wattage 135 W
    Voltage 110-120 V
    Wi-Fi Capable No
    Air Purifier Type Portable Air Purifier