Belkin Boost Charge Uv Sanitizer With Wireless Charging 10w

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Belkin - Boost Charge UV Sanitizer With Wireless Charging 10w

Keeping up with the unprecedented times that we are facing of late, Belkin brings a UV Sanitizer Boost Charge to sanitize your devices while you charge the other.

An essential accessory that cleans and sanitizes everyday non-porous objects that you handle, the Belkin Boost Charge is a fast-charging wireless station with up to 10W power. Its compact size fits your workspace or living room and also comes with a 4 ft. USB cable, perfect for stay-at-home or on-the-go charging needs.

The environment-friendly UV-C light sanitization eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria in less than 10 minutes. The LED indicator with auto cut-off ensures your devices are safe.


Sanitizer Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.7 x 1.4 in (outer)

Sanitizer Dimensions: 7 x 3.7 x 0.6 in (inner)

Indicator: LED light

Power Source: 18W

Warranty: 1 year

Operation: Auto Cut-off


1 x UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger

1 x 4 ft. USB-A to USB-C Cable

1 x QC 3.0 18W Wall Charger